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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Accessories can add so much more to an outfit. I usually try to add at least one piece to my outfit to dress it up and tie an outfit together. I wanted to share some of my most loved, classic, and timeless accessories that I have in my collection. As part of my decluttering, I want to only keep pieces that I wear all the time.


1. Diamond hoops ~ received as part of a wedding gift from my aunt.
2. Pearl earrings ~ Kate Spade
3. Infinity knot sterling silver earrings ~ Winners
4. Royal blue enamel & gold earrings ~ White Feather Designs
5. Oval sterling silver earrings ~ Pauze Atelier


1. Crystal statement necklace ~ J.Crew
2. Single string of pearls necklace ~ Sarah Ana Designs
3. Crystal cross necklace ~ received as a gift from a dear friend
4. Gold pendant necklace ~ Kate Spade
5. Diamond heart necklace ~ received as a gift from my husband
6. Bunch of pearls necklace ~ RW&Co.


1. Stacking bracelets ~ Alex & Ani
2. Charm bracelet ~ Pandora
3. Crystal bracelet ~ Swarovski
4. Bow bangle ~ Kate Spade


1. Gold & black leather watch ~ Skagen
2. Black face, steel mesh watch ~ Capitola
3. Silver & brown leather watch ~ Marc Jacobs

My latest addition to my watch collection is this watch from Capitola. I love the combination of the silver mesh against the black face; it's a look that will always be in. This is the dressiest watch I have and it is at a reasonable, affordable price compared to similar watches on the market. Capitola has many other fantastic designs, and you can actually get 15% off your purchase by using the code "DESIREE15"!


1. Engagement ring ~ Miadonna
2. White gold wedding band ~ Peoples
3. Rose gold beaded ring ~ Sorry I forgot which local artisan I purchased this from, but it was also from the One of a Kind Show!
4. Gold bow ring ~ Kate Spade
5. 3 sterling silver detailed rings ~ Pandora

Hope you enjoyed seeing my collection and getting a taste of the kind of accessories I love! I have a wishlist of other accessories I want to eventually add to my collection. The next two that I'm saving for are the Tiffany & Co. Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet here and the Cartier Pink Gold Love Ring here. What's your favourite accessory?

Until next time, Des

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