2019 Intentions for the Year

Friday, January 25, 2019

Hey everyone! We are just about to finish the first month of 2019, and I wanted to reflect on the things I'd like to do for the year. I always set resolutions that I never accomplish through the year, so this time around I want to think of them as "intentions". They're things I intend to do, which may take more or less than year to accomplish, but I still want to note them to you so that you can keep me accountable to them.


I just recently got over the flu, and it had me bedridden for a week. I truly hate being sick so I have to treat my body well. I intend to start my gym routine again and go a few times each week, especially on the days I am off from work. I intend to have a better sleep schedule, and try to be ready for bed by 12:30am each day (it still is late but it's better than 1am haha). I intend to pamper myself and take better care of my skin, especially with all the face masks that have accumulated in my collection. Better skin would help me reduce my current use of makeup each day.


Faith is a very big part of my life, and its roots affect every area of my life. I intend to dive deeper into the idea of discipleship and learn with my weekly small group. I intend to renew and be more consistent with my quiet time with God so that I have a greater interest and passion for Him in the Word. I intend to take initiative and find fresh resources for me to learn more about my faith through podcasts and books. 


Managing my own home is a daily task, and it's something that I still need to work on. I intend to learn how to cook better so that I can spend less eating out and eat healthier. I intend to refine the home routine and habits that I do now so that our place can be maintained even better. I intend to be more conscious of clutter and things that are not needed so that they can be cleared out from our small space of a home and I can appreciate the things I already have.


Marriage is a journey, C and I are not finished learning new things about each other. I intend to pursue my husband each day and make him feel loved in some way. I intend to reread my vows and see how I have been upkeeping the promises to our marriage. We intend to continue our weekly devotions together because Christ is always at the centre of our relationship. 


This is my small creative outlet, and I want to put more effort into it. I intend to be more consistent in my posts and I hope to come up with more content that everyone will enjoy reading. I intend to reflect on what I want my blog to be about and hopefully refine it in its appropriate niche of the internet. I hope to learn more about product photography so that the shots used in each post are quality material. I also intend to collaborate with other bloggers and artists on new content so I'm super excited about that too!

Keep me accountable to all these things! What are some of your goals or intentions for 2019?

Until next time, Des

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  1. Thank you for sharing your intentions for the year! Just like you, I think caring for myself, relationship with God and significant others are on top of my list this year as well. I hope to stay accountable and improve on these over the year.


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