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Sunday, September 17, 2017

 In this last part of my Peru travel series  (sorry for the delay!), I've compiled a list of my essential items that I found super helpful when I was travelling!

1. Reusable drink bottle: Swell 17 Oz Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

What better way to help the enviroment than using a refillable bottle instead of disposable plastic bottles? The great thing with this Swell bottle is that it can hold your cold drinks at its temperature for 24 hours and hot drinks at its temperature for 12 hours! It was so refreshing to have a swig of ice cold water hours into the hot day, but also so comfortable to have a hot cup of tea hours into the cold night.

2. Money belt / fanny-pack : Muji Paraglider Cloth Waist Safety Case

There are certain places where you can easily have your valuables pickpocketed or snatched. This Muji waist pouch was so useful for me to store important things such as my passport, cards, and cash! It has several compartments for easy organization and it has a sleek look that makes wearing a waist belt a tad bit more stylish. It's compact and thin so if needed it would be inconspicuous under clothes.

3. Polarized sunglasses: Polaroid (Eyestar Optical)

Sunglasses are needed to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays, and the polarizing filter will help cut out glare off horizontal surfaces like water, snow, sand, the hood of your car, and/or a wet road. Polaroids are a great option that's cost friendly (if you lose or break it, it's not going to cost you a fortune to replace). Your eyes are more comfortable, relaxed, and can see better.

4. Watch: Puma

It's always handy to know what time it is with a classic watch! My Puma watch is also made with silicone so I don't have to worry about it getting wet and it's comfy to wear! Sometimes it's just not handy to always pull out your phone to check the time. It's my designated travel/adventure watch haha

5. Small backpack: MEC Pika Daypack

It's smaller than a regular backpack but it's easy to pack into your luggage and can still hold all the things you need on the go during the day. The MEC daypack was useful with the different compartments and had its loops around the bag to attach things with caribiners. I only discovered the function of these loops on this trip from C haha.

6. Packing cubes: Toyoo 6 Piece Packing Cubes (Amazon)

These helped keep my luggage organized! It was easy to locate the things I needed when they're all kept together with these bags. It helped me condense everything so that I didn't bring too much with the limited space I had in my luggage.

7. Caribiners

Attach it anywhere to your bag and keep an item safely attached! Attach it to a water bottle so even if it falls out of the side pockets of your backpack, you won't lose it. Attach your wet water shoes to the outside of your backpack without putting them inside so they can dry. Attach it to your backpack just so you can differentiate it from other bags. Use your caribiner to hang/hook your bag so that it doesn't have to be placed on the ground. There are so many uses for it so they're bound to come in handy!

Other essentials include:
- Shoes that are waterproof and breathable
- Flashlight (headlamp or keychain)
- Plastic bags to store things, keep an item spill-proof or waterproof
- Steripen or Lifestraw water cleaning tech
- Bug repellent
- Necessary drugs (Tylenol, Advil, antihistamines, Gravol)

What are some of your other essentials?

Until next time, Des

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