Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's so troublesome for me to find a good eyeliner. With my oily lids, pencil and gel liners easily smudge or fade on me (if you know any that will not to do that, let me know in the comments below!!). Thus, liquid liners are the ones that I usually purchase, but even still it truly has to be one that can stay on well for the entire day.

Earlier this month I did the $10 makeup challenge (you can read here!) and I didn't have an eyeliner that was within the budget. I made a trip to Walmart and randomly picked up this one: Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner. To my surprise, it's actually REALLY GOOD. 

Where to purchase: Drugstore!

Cost: $7.98

Packaging: It has simple, sleek packaging with a felt tip wand that stays dipped in the pot. This isn't my favourite type of eyeliner packaging since I prefer the pen form. The felt tip is very stiff so it's not as easy or comfortable to apply. The tip may soften up and be more flexible after more use. With other felt tip liners I've tried, the tip will also  likely get stringy.

Product: Since the tip is very stiff, I found it a bit difficult to adjust how thick/thin I want the line to be by my lashline. It's either very thin if I use the very tip or very thick if I fully use the side of the tip. I've been using the side of the tip but with a light hand so it doesn't get thicker than what I like. I've used this liner several times and it has withstood the test of time! For a 12-hr day it will stay without smudging (maybe start creasing just slightly at the 10-11 hour mark). Although I need to dip the tip into the pot several times to line one eye, the ink dries down matte and looks opaque. It comes in several shades and  different finishes (matte/metallic). 

One dip into pot was able to make 2 strokes before more ink was needed, a thin or thick line can be made.
I think it's great quality for a drugstore liquid eyeliner and this Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner would be a repurchase for me. The tip material and wear of this Rimmel eyeliner is similar to the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner so it would be a cheaper alternative to it (the tip of the Stila liner is a bit softer though).

Are there any random drugstore products that you picked up and was pleasantly surprised by? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, Des

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