How to Use Beauty Oils (Poetic Blend Giveaway!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I never considered having facial/essential/beauty oils as part of my skincare routine. The common thought surrounding oils is that it may add to the oil on the face and make things even more greasy as it is. However that's not the case, and it's a tried and true claim! With a small amount, essential oils add extra nourishment to dull skin and gives a natural dewy glow that doesn't make your face look like a greaseball. Having that soothing oil can also help counteract your skin from making excess oil which is what causes greasiness.

Giveaway details at the end! :D

Beauty oils are multi-purpose, not just for the face! Let me tell you of several ways to make use of your oils:

1. It helps lock in moisture and provides extra nutrients to the face.
2. Apply some to the ends and shaft of your hair to give shine, control frizz, and lock in moisture. 
3. It helps your cuticles and nail bed look well kept and healthy.
4. You can also apply on the body for moisturization.
5. Use it to dissolve makeup and as a pre- and post-step to cleansing.
6. Helps reduce inflammation and other sensitivities of the skin. 

I've already mentioned this beautiful, quality brand several times in previous posts but it deserves all the hype. Poetic Blend's collection of luxury beauty oils has been a lifesaver. There are three main oils in the collection, each geared towards a particular kind of skin, each retailing $49.99. I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with the founder Mikayla when I attended the OOAK show (you can read that post here). She is so passionate about her business, her oils, and the satisfaction of her clients. You can follow and learn more on Instagram at @poeticblend. The main things to note about her line of oils is:
- Every single oil is freshly made to order to guarantee the freshest and purest products. 
- The oils are vegan and all-natural.
- Mikayla sources out her ingredients from the best, handmakes every single oil, and hand-packages them.
- Every step of the process to create these amazing oils are done locally in Toronto. 

My favourite is the Ghost Oil. It's light on the skin for daily use and I can see how my skin soaks up the nutrients over a single night. As the name says the oil gets absorbed fast and it doesn't leave traces or residue on the skin. The next day my face looks healthy, supple, and glowy! Having healthy natural skin also means less makeup to use overall. ;)

The other two oils in the line are the Hero Oil and Timeless Oil. The Hero Oil is geared towards rescuing the skin from redness, inflammation, and other simple problems of the skin. It has soothing and calming properties. The Timeless Oil is for mature skin (my mom uses this!). It has ingredients to promote skin cell growth and retain moisture. It's great for anti-aging, but this is definitely not limited to only mature skin. Take advantage of its nourishing oil at any age!

I want you to have a chance to experience the benefits of the oils yourself, so I'll be giving away a Hero Oil to a lucky reader! Thank you Mikayla for enabling this giveaway to happen! :) 

To enter:
1. Follow me @desireelaw and @poeticblend on Instagram
2. Like the giveaway photo 
3. Tag a friend in the comments who you think would also love to try this oil! Each tag is one entry.

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The contest ends on Sunday July 3 at 12PM EST. The lucky winner will be announced and direct-messaged on Instagram by Tuesday July 5. Good luck!

Have you tried essential oils? How did they work for you?

*All opinions are true and my own. The oils were either purchased by myself or gifted to me. 

Until next time, Des


  1. I'm just getting into oils and loving them so far :) Thanks for running the giveaway!

  2. Aren't they wonderful for the skin?! You need to check Poetic Blend out, enter my giveaway if you're a Canadian girl like me! :)


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