Creating My Personalized Scent with Demeter Fragrance

Monday, February 8, 2016

When you read about the notes that are in a fragrance you like, you may notice all the different things that were combined to create a scent that smells so good. Somehow they all work well together and I wonder how the parfumerie knows what blends and what doesn't. It's definitely an intricate art!

I got to try this art via the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network and Demeter Fragrance Library collaboration. The Demeter Fragrance Library has the largest collection of fragrances that are inspired by all things that spark joy. They name each fragrance literally! It can be from Apple Cider to Sunshine, Chocolate to Laundromat, Orchid to Black Ginger. They stand out from other designer fragrances because they are scents that are awesome for everyday wear. They use the least amount of ingredients in order to create scents that smell as it's named and scents that don't change over time. 

* The products are PR samples that were sent for consideration. Everything written is my own opinion.

Demeter Fragrance was so kind to send me two Foolproof Blending Kits so that I can experiment, blend, and create a signature scent to my personal liking! One was a duo consisting of two bottles: Lavender and Jasmine. Christopher Brosius, founder of Demeter Fragrance Library, says that "it's his favourite blending notes, especially for the transition from summer to fall". The other was a trio with vanilla undertones: Angel Food, Hawaiian Vanilla, and Gingerbread. This set contains three perspectives of vanilla: sweet, floral, and spicy. Each set consists of scents from the same fragrance category. 

Other Duos available from Demeter include:
Christmas Tree + Sweet Orange
Clean Skin + Sunshine
Apple Pie + Vanilla Cake Batter
... and more!

Other Trios available are:
Pruning Shears + Apple Blossom + Violet (heavy florals)
Rain + Salt Air + Great Barrier Reef (water)
Patchouli + Gin & Tonic + Sandalwood (wood)
...and more!

The kits provide droppers, a funnel, a refillable glass fragrance bottle, and blending strips. 

It was such a fun activity! I tried different combinations or stand alone, I tested out different ratios... And ended up discovering a combination that I adore! 

My favourite out of all is Jasmine. I like drinking jasmine tea and this smells just like it! I would describe it as being a fresh, green scent.  It smells great alone and also in combination with Gingerbread! Gingerbread has a sweeter but deeper scent and it reminds me of yummy baked goods (it's also Zoella's favorite scent ;) ). This sweet, base note of gingerbread combined with the light freshness of jasmine in equal parts was a winning combination for me! 

I was surprised that I couldn't find a combination I liked that included lavender, but by itself it's lovely to spray on my pillow before I sleep. So relaxing!

A 1 oz. bottle of the Demeter Fragrances retail for $20 at Their 300 scents and more are all available on their site. Blending Duos that come with all the blending equipment are $35 and the trio is $45.

Have you tried Demeter Fragrance? What are your favourite scents?

Until next time, Des

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  1. Gingerbread's my favourite too! ;D

  2. Yay, so glad you had so much fun trying these out! I did too. It was really interesting to see what combinations worked and which didn't. Especially when you think a combo will be great but smells really off!

    1. Yes! I ponder on all the fragrances that I love and actually buy... and how long they would have to experiment to get the right scent.

  3. I loved Jasmine too-- and agree about finding Lavender difficult to blend!

  4. Jasmine and Gingerbread is such an interesting combination!

    1. I would've never thought it would smell good but after I tried it... I can't stop!!


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