Tips on Staying Focused

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I am back in school and work is already piling up. When I have to review lectures and notes that are not particularly exciting, it's really hard for me to sit still and focus on it. Instead of getting distracted and wasting time, here are some tips to help you stay focused on whatever you need to do. I do these myself so that I can stay productive too!

1. Give yourself breaks!
Some people believe that you just need to blow through all your work in one go without taking breaks... That definitely doesn't work for me. After an hour or so I start getting fidgety and lose focus. I found that multiple small breaks in between chunks of studying will clear and restart the mind for another period of work. I like to watch ONE YouTube video as a break after I finish a subject's worth of work. You can also scroll through your favourite site for a set short time, do some exercise/stretching, or make a snack for yourself. 

2. Make yourself feel great and beautiful!
When I'm not in a good mood because of all the work I still have to do, one of the fun ways I relax before hitting the grind is to beautify myself! Of course it's not a full makeover but I like to do little things like put on some lip colour, spray some fragrance, or put on some hand cream. These little things can be a pick-me-up so you feel better to tackle your work. My current pick-me-ups are: Elizabeth & James Nirvana White fragrance, Crabtree & Evelyn Nantucket Briar Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy, and Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. 

3. Be with company!
Working by yourself can be lonely and that can drag you down, so why not grab some friends and do your work together somewhere?  :) It's motivating when you and your friends see each other being productive and working hard. Some people don't work well when there are other people around them, and that's ok. It all depends on your study style, but this tips works for me. 

4. Get out!
I associate my home and my bedroom as a place to relax, be comfortable, and be work-free... So when I have to study at home, it's not always successful. I like to go out to a coffee shop or cafe, the library, or anywhere that can accommodate me staying and doing work for a period of time. Basically anywhere out of the house!I find that this also helps me focus on my tasks. 

5. Get some caffeine in the system!
When I'm stressed, lacking sleep, or generally not motivated to do work, I tend to feel tired. So, when I know I have to dedicate several hours to do my studies, I make sure to have a cup of tea or coffee ready! It may simply be the need for caffeine that will help you stay more focused. 

6. Have a to-do list!
When you first write out a list of things that you still need to do, it may seem overwhelming. However, once you start working and completing things off that list, crossing it or checking it off feels so satisfying! Seeing your to-do list shrink little by little is in itself a small boost of joy and energy. 

Hope these tips can help you out, whether you're still in school or working! 

Until next time, Des

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