Best of 2015 (Part 1: Random & Food)

Monday, December 14, 2015

It's time to reflect on all the good things in 2015! Here is the list of all the different things that I loved this year. The list is separated into several categories: random, food, beauty, skincare, and fashion.

Today's post is for all the random things that don't really fit into a specific category and also things related to food!


Talent - Jessica is one of my childhood friends who is slowly but surely making her debut as a singer and songwriter. She has recorded several original songs (now featured on her Soundcloud) and has participated in multiple shows and competitions. Her next show will be at Mod Club (Toronto) on January 16, and ticket details will be posted on her Facebook page. What I love about her music is the beautiful mix of indie, pop, jazz, and R&B vibes all together. I can't stop listening! I'm honoured to have such a talented friend, and I know she's going to be great. You can also follow her on Instagram.

Photo - This photo was from a shoot that I did for my Fall OOTD post. It was my first photoshoot ever (I was definitely nervous) but Jon from JOPANG VISUALS did such a fantastic job. 

Instagram Account - Sharon Kim behind @thepinkdiary creates some of the most beautiful flatlays. I immediately fell in love, especially with the white theme of each picture. A good eye and skills are needed to style different objects together and make it into a beautiful set. If you want to see pretty pictures then you must follow!

Book - I'm currently reading the book Surprised by Scripture with my mentor. Never would I have picked this up thinking that I would like it, but to my surprise I've enjoyed learning more about how we can link the Bible to contemporary issues. It's a tough read but it's thought provoking and it forces me to reflect on modern day issues that I wouldn't have initially cared about. 

Decor - My chrome pineapple is my absolute favourite decor in my bedroom right now! It's such a cute addition to my bookshelf! You can see it in my Room Decor post. 

Song - This was so hard to decide. I have a large handful of songs I want to feature but right now it has to be Justin Bieber's Sorry. Everytime I listen to this song, my mood picks up and I'm ready to move and bob my head to the beat. It's also a surprise that I like a bunch of the songs in his recent album Purpose. 

TV Show - Every year it is always Grey's Anatomy. My ALL TIME FAVOURITE SHOW. It's going to be really hard to find another show that will top this one. 

Event - I did the Wipeout Run with friends and it was a blast! Each obstacle was a replicate of the ones on the original TV show. It's always a good time with these people, especially when you're on the run avoiding wrecking balls or going through a super long slip and slide. Although I did get really sick afterwards, it's an event that's definitely worth remembering.


Snack - Activia Probiotic Yogurt! Out of all the different brands for yogurt, this one tastes the best. The taste isn't tart from the fruit and it's also not overly sweet. 
Taken from

Drink - If you're not 21 yet, then disregard this! I tried the Somersby Pear Cider for the first time this past summer, and it's now a favourite. 
Taken from

Restaurant - Scaddabush is my go-to restaurant if I'm ever craving some Italian food. Their gourmet pizzas and housemade pastas are always calling my name. Of course, you can't forget their Charity Bread: fresh and oven-baked with loads of garlic butter! The net proceeds from each Charity Bread ordered go to a local charity! They have great service and always ensure that you are satisfied with your meal. There are currently three locations: Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, and a newly opened one in Richmond Hill. 

Cafe - Neo Coffee Bar has the most exquisite cake rolls, delicious pastries, and espresso drinks topped off with latte art. Located in Downtown Toronto, this beautiful cafe by George Brown College has a modern, industrial interior design that makes it a cool place to meet up with friends, have some quiet time by yourself, or even to study! I wouldn't have discovered this gem if it wasn't for Rosemary from @petite.cow taking me around to a new cafe every time I'm with her. xoxo 

Photo credits: Rosemary

Photo credits: Rosemary

Stay tuned for Part 2 (probably geared towards the ladies) of the list which will feature my bests in beauty, skincare, and fashion! 

Until next time, Des

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