Him or Her?

Friday, August 14, 2015

You've probably know of the infamous shoe game. It's always played at weddings to see if the bride and groom know each other. Well, the bf and I played our version of it... see if  YOU know us well enough! Is it him? Or is it me?

Who's more forgetful? HIM
Who's more likely to pass gas in front of the other? HIM, but she does that too
Who's the messiest? HER
Who's the better driver? HIM or HER, it's debatable
Who's the faster driver? HIM
Who takes longer to get ready? HER
Who's snores the most? HIM (he wishes it wasn't)
Who goes to bed earlier? HIM
Who's the better cook? HIM
Who's more romantic? HER
Who's the biggest flirt? HIM, he knows he's done it a lot in the past LOL
Who made the first move? HIM
Who has the smelliest feet? HIM
Who has the best taste in clothes? HER, obviously
Who spends more money? HIM or HER, both spend quite a bit
Who talks more? HER apparently
Who's most likely to get lost? HER
Who complains more? HER
Who's the better storyteller? HIM
Who's more shy? HIM
Who's most likely to yell at a telemarketer? HER, he'll just troll them
Who will clean the toilet? HIM
Who's in control over the remote control? HER

Until next time, Des

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