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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I've been on a recent room redecorating/reorganizing high and with the weddings rolling in, I've had the pleasure of crafting and doing some more DIY fun. The three projects that I'm introducing today have a common theme of COLOUR. Here are some ideas that can hopefully inspire you in your own gifting or decorating ventures!

Starbucks Giftcard Montage

The designs on Starbucks giftcards are so cute and unique. I've been collecting them in the past year so I thought I might as well put them up and display my pretty collection! I have two frames completed, and a third one to go! They add colour into any room they're in. I can envision these in the kitchen (because of it's coffee-relation), or in a future study... but right now they look awesome in my bedroom beside my vanity mirror :)

It's very simple to do: collect cards, tape them onto a sheet of paper that fits the frame, and frame them in whatever order or way you want!

Paintswatch Piece

This was a DIY that I gifted to an amazing couple who got married back in May! I got the paint swatches from Home Depot, but you can grab it at any local hardware store. I cut the paint swatches into a square dimension that would fit nicely into the frame, and then cut out the letters for the word I chose. Dynamic was the word because they are passionate and active in their beliefs and studies. Their relationship will always be full of life and never-ending fun.

The paint swatches were taped onto a sheet of paper that fit the frame, while the letters were glued onto the paint swatches. After that and you're good to go with this one!

Marble Baked Clay Coasters

This DIY was a gift to another couple who got married in June! A dear friend of mine found this craft and I was so down to do it with him! The marble texture and colouring are so mesmerizing. The special baked clay was purchased from Michael's Craft Store, or whichever local craft store that's near you. This DIY was a bit more complex, but we followed fellow crafter Sarah Johnson's instructions here!

Take several pieces of the clay and roll it out into a strand about a foot long. The strands can be of different thickness, depending on how prominent you want that particular colour in your coaster. Wind the colours you chose for your coaster together so it looks like a cord with multiple twisted strands. Roll the entire thing out so that the strands fuse together. Twist the one super strand around itself and roll it out again. Keep doing this process for another 2-3 times (this is how we get all the colours to mix into the marble pattern). Once the colours are all mixed to how you would like it to be, roll the clay into a ball and then flatten it out into the coaster form using a rolling pin or any cylindrical object with a flat, smooth surface. It should be 3-4 mm thick. Using some sort of circular stencil, cut the clay into the round shape using an x-acto knife. The diameter of your coasters is up to you. Bake the clay according to the instructions given with its packaging. 

Once your coasters have finished baking and cooled, use gold gilding and paint the edges for a classier look. Once the gold paint has dried, glaze the top surface of your coaster using standard craft glaze. 

If you attempt any of these DIY, I would love to see your creations! Feel free to ask any questions if you're confused with anything. Enjoy!

Until next time, Des


  1. It is such a wonderful idea, love your DIY gift idea, these coasters are amazing, so pretty too :) You are so creative Desiree, I cant wait to try it out :)

    1. Thanks Janet :) Send me a pic of your creations too!


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