Life Moments: Spark Sessions 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I had the opportunity to attend Spark Sessions: Canada's Fashion & Beauty Blogger Conference!

At the conference with my blogger friend Eunice from StyleStickyNotes!

The conference was held at Hangloose Media in Downtown Toronto, a studio with hipster and trendy decor. 

Spark Sessions is an event that gathers Canadian bloggers together for a weekend of fun and learning... all geared towards blogging! Workshops and talks were hosted to help bloggers learn how to take their blog to the next level. The opening keynote speakers were Andrew Sardone from Globe Style and Vanessa Craft, the beauty director of Elle Canada! They provided great insight about the fashion and beauty industry while emphasizing that there is a strong connection between bloggers and the big companies out there. 

Andrew Sardone, Globe Style advisor

Vanessa Craft, beauty director of Elle Canada

I was definitely a "noob" blogger in a sea of professionals. I was a bit intimidated at first but once I got to chat with other bloggers, I became more comfortable knowing that they were once in the same shoes as I am now. I was given advice and tips on how I can step up my blog to make it more attractive to name brands for partnerships or even to use my blog as a source of revenue! Cha-ching cha-ching :P 

The workshops taught me how to make a media kit for my blog, build lasting relationships with PR professionals, and write my blog posts without having to face any legal issues. I would've never thought that any of these things were important when I first started my blog. Now that I'm aware of all of this, I can work towards making this little writing corner better for you as a reader and supporter of my work. :)

The A to Z of media kits

A panel discussing how to build relationships with PR professionals. Ruth Goudie (left) is the PR professional for Benefit Consmetics, while Isabelle Randez (second from the right) is the communications director of the L'Oreal Luxe corporation.

I also got to network with several big name brands such as Benefit Cosmetics, Nivea, Bench, OPI, and Blossom Lounge . 

Blossom Lounge products

Nicole by OPI

Nivea booth

Benefit was promoting their new Benefit brow bars (now at selected Sephora's in Ontario) so I of course had to get my brows done (#instaeyelift)!

To end off the conference, I had the pleasure of hearing Cheryl Hickey, host of ET Canada, share her story about how she got to where is now and introduce her new line of skincare called Ours. It's a great brand as it's formulated so that both children and adults can use the products in this collection. The mantra behind it is "safe, healthy, and honest", and it's a reflection of important attributes to skincare and household products. You can see her entire range at her website (I love the 24 hour face cream in her line, look out for a review on it!) 

Not only did I leave with new knowledge and tricks about blogging, but I also came home with a GIANT bag of swag! It's gonna take a while before I can finish all of that. 

So what did I get out of this conference? 

- Don't be afraid to pitch an idea, no matter how big or small the idea may be.
- Write blog posts that can engage conversation. 
- Thank and appreciate for reading/following.
- Have a good first impression, your blog is a representative of you as an individual and character.
- A small following doesn't mean you're not in the running to become amazing.
- Be true to who you are when you write. 
- Don't be afraid to reach out to other bloggers in the community and collaborate together to make great pieces for your blogs. 
- Think outside the box, be creative in your posts. 

I had a lot of fun, and hopefully you were able to experience a bit of that in this post!

Until next time, Des

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