Life Moments: Tough Mudder

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tough Mudder. Hosted on 3 continents. Held in the same weekend. A 16 km obstacle course. 

Never would I have thought that I would be able to complete it, but I did. You're running up and back down double black diamond hills (since the course was held at a ski resort), trekking through thick slippery mud, getting electric shocked, dunking yourself in ice water, jumping off a 12 feet high wall... it really is a test of your stamina, strength, and mental grit. However, it was so rewarding to see that my team started and finished together. Team camaderie definitely plays a big role in completing this crazy-ass event! Cramps and blisters held us back but we didn't let that stop us! I'm so proud to have been a part of this group (Mudkip and Friends!) 

The obstacles on this year's Tough Mudder Toronto 2014 course were:

Glory Blades- Getting up and over 2.5m high walls slanted towards you.

Mud Mile- Running a mile over slippery, slimy mud hills and through waist-deep mud pits.

Just The Tip- Scaling sideways along a bare wall using only your grip and finger strength across multiple long hand-holds, if you can't make it you fall into mud water.

Devil's Beard- Crawl under a heavy rope net along the muddy ground. 

Arctic Enema- Jump into a pit of freezing ice water and submerge yourself to swim under a plank to get to the other side. 

Bale Bonds- Parkour over several big bales of hay.

Warrior Carry- Carry someone for 5 m and then switch for the next 5 m.

Berlin Walls- Climb up and over a set of 3m high walls.

Walk The Plank- Jump off a 12 feet high wall into a muddy water pit and swim 40 feet to get back on land.

Ladder To Hell- Climb up and back down an oversized, 5 m high ladder with widely separated rungs. 

Everest- Sprint up a quarter-pipe coated with mud and grease and make it to the top. 

Balls To The Walls- Scale up a wall 3.5 m high using only a muddy rope, doing the same going down the other side.

Funky Monkey- Monkey bars greased with mud that go up a steep incline for the first half and descend downwards for the second half, if you can't make it you fall into some muddy water. 

Kiss of Mud- Crawl commando-style under barbed wire on your belly in thick, goopy mud. 

Electroshock Therapy- Run through a field of live electric wires. 

We were rewarded with some good tastin' beer, a (cold) shower to rinse off the grime and mud (that got to places you never thought mud could get to), the classic orange headband and an Under Armour shirt that tells the world you are a Tough Mudder finisher. 

Worth it? Oh yea for sure, even with the muscle soreness and cramps that lasted several days after. This is now checked off on my bucket list. 

Are you tough enough to be a Tough Mudder? (This picture doesn't properly represent how tough you should be haha)

Until next time, Des

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