Wedding Wednesday: Q&A

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to hit you up with a Q&A on anything wedding or marriage related, and my husband C will also answer some questions so you can get his perspective as well. Thank you for submitting your questions!

1. How was the adjustment to living with your husband/wife?

D: I didn't find it a huge adjustment. It was more so figuring out how to manage and share the place with him. Our dynamics didn't really change.
C: Feels about the same. I lived with roommates in university so if anything it feels pretty similar to that.

2. Who are your recommended vendors?

I'm thankful for all the vendors that I got to work with for our wedding. Hopefully they would be able to help you out for your special day!
- Photography: Cari Zhu Photography (check out her website here)
- Makeup: Crystal Elle Beauty (check out her website here)
- Hair: Hair by Jacqs (check out her Instagram here)
- Stationary: Tabitha Chan (check out her website here)
- Calligraphy: Hannah Ho (check out her Instagram here)
- Flower Centerpieces: Petals (check out their website here)
- Bespoke patisserie catering: Ariette Hung Events (check out their website here)

3. What is the biggest thing you've learned about yourselves through marriage?

D: One thing I learned about myself is that I love having a routine to follow, whether it's for chores, finances, schedules, social time, or other responsibilities as an adult and a wife. It makes me feel accomplished when I have finished a routine, because at the end it will only benefit our life together.
C: I'm more like my parents than I give myself credit for. I think everyone is like their parents in some way, but having my own place and seeing the way I would react to situations really made me realize how similar we are, and their influence on my upbringing.

4. How did you pick a wedding photographer?

The first thing that helped us determine who we should have as our wedding photographer is figuring out what aesthetic we would like for our photos. Both of us liked the bright, light, and candid look of fine art photography. Next, we determined our budget that we were willing to allocate towards photography. From there we began searching for Toronto photographers that met our aesthetic and budget criteria and ended up with the amazing photographer Cari Zhu. You can get a glimpse of our wedding photos in my previous post here.

5. What did you do for your wedding favours?

We wanted our wedding favours to be very meaningful. We donated to Me to We on behalf of our guests to help provide clean water in areas of need. In return, Me to We gave us beaded rafiki bracelets made by the locals in those areas to use as favours! Each guest was given a bracelet with an explanation as to why they're receiving it.

6.  Did the Spotify playlist help on your first night?

Yes it did. Thank you for the curated playlist. ;)

7. When do you plan on having kids?

We plan on having kids around 2 years down the road. But, anything can happen and of course God willing.

8. Is married life what you expected?

D: Yes, it isn't very different from what other married couples have told us. We're still learning things about each other, and it's filled with ups and downs. It was a learning curve in the beginning just in terms of owning a home and everything that came with it, but otherwise it wasn't a huge shift for me.
C: I guess it is. I didn't really expect much for married life, as in I didn't really expect it to be a huge life altering thing. Yes some things have changed but they were things that we had talked about before and expected. Everything else kinda stayed the same.

9. What are you and your husband doing to maintain your spiritual health?

We intentionally set apart time in the week to do devotions and pray together. It really helped us to see if there was something we both needed to work on and how we can grow as husband and wife. It gave us the weekly opportunity to celebrate the joys of life or provide a shoulder of support for each toehr in the rough times. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that Christ is at the centre of it all.

10. Looking back, what would you change about your wedding?

D: I wish we had the finances to also have videography done for the wedding day. It would've been nice to rewatch our special day over the years. I don't regret splurging for a fantastic photographer though as the photos we received are timeless and amazing quality. Aside from that, the day was perfect to me.
C: Have more food.

I hope this gave you some insight into married life and wedding planning! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions!

Until next time, Des

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