One of a Kind Show: Spring Haul!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Hi everyone! It's currently Easter weekend so I'm taking time to reflect on Jesus' saving work on the cross for everyone. I'm so thankful for the unconditional love and grace in Him.

The One of a Kind Show* has passed, and I'm already looking forward to the next show in the winter (although let's just enjoy summer first right?!). As always, I look forward to showing you my haul so that everyone can discover local artisans and/or handmade goods that's worth the purchase.

The first thing I purchased is this moldable headband from Gibou (check out the website here). It is a company based in Montreal and they're based on three aspects: local manufacturing, the use of recycled fur, and upcycling materials. It is also so admirable of them that they include retirees into their workforce to give them a fun hobby. It's a great way to appreciate the beauty of manual handwork. This twisted headband has an integrated metal rod that is malleable, so it can be twisted and tied in any way! I don't usually do much with my hair, aside from putting it up, so this would be a cute way to change up my hair look.

I don't know if it's the dry air in our building or our clothes, but I've been getting shocked so much! It's so annoying!! We don't use dryer sheets so it may be one of the reasons why we're getting shocked constantly. Regardless, I got these dryer balls from NaturaPure (check out the website here), and they aim to help people live a waste and chemical free life. They also help reduce the drying time by half so it saves electricity, it acts as a softener without wasting chemical dryer sheets, and it reduces static buildup in the dryer too. They are reusable so you just leave them in the dryer after each cycle. The dryer balls are handmade with cruelty free, ethically sourced Canadian wool.

I don't have to worry about running out of food when there's nothing in the fridge or if I'm feeling lazy because Wok Fresh (check out the website here) has come to the rescue! Wok Fresh creates dried vegan meals in heat-resistant compostable packaging, and all you need to do is just add hot water! It attracted my attention because the flavour options are so unique compared to similar style food at the grocery store. I tried a sample cooked in the bag with only water, and it was more delicious than I thought! I purchased their Thai Green Curry to keep as a backup meal for myself. It's nice to know that all of their packaging is environmentally friendly and can be simply thrown out in the compost. Each of their meals are crafted with the expertise of a dietician and a chef, so they're healthy and taste good! All the ingredients are sourced from local Ontario producers so they're supporting the community as well.

As usual, I try to invest into one piece of jewellery each time I come, and this time I found these beautiful earrings from Pauze Atelier (check out the website here)! I love this minimal design and it's handmade with sterling silver. Pauze Atelier is based in Montreal and every piece is made to order. I can definitely see value investing in better jewellery because it doesn't tarnish as fast, rust, or turn green.

I discovered Tracy's Wine Jellies at my last visit to the show (you can revisit my post here!) and purchased them to give as gifts. This time I went to get these wine jellies for myself! Locally made in Niagara-on-the-Lake, I eat these wine-flavoured jellies spread on a cracker and it's my classy snack at home! I purchased the Sangria flavour and Strawberry Rose Wine flavour.

That's my haul from the show! Thank you OOAK for my entrance into the show. I'm glad to have discovered new artisans and I'm excited for the next one this coming winter!

*Products were sent as PR samples for editorial consideration. All thoughts and opinions are my own and genuine. 

Until next time, Des

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