My First Designer Purchase: Prada Pattina Leather Cross-Body Bag

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Hi everyone! I'm currently writing this in a cafe, eating a pineapple bun with butter and drinking a HK milk tea. If you know, you know. ;)

Today I wanted to share about how I decided to purchase my first designer bag: the Prada Pattina Leather Cross-Body Bag!

It's important to think about why you want to make a luxury purchase because it's not a small amount of money going towards it!
I'm not the type of person to splurge on luxury purchases simply because I want them. I'm happy to look at photos online and daydream about them haha. I wanted to purchase a bag this time because:
1. I've reached a point in my life that I can afford a purchase like this with my own earnings.
2. I wanted to commemorate a milestone and some life changes that were important to me.

Figure out what type of purchase you want to make. It will help you narrow down your options more efficiently. 
I knew I wanted to get a bag that I could use everyday. For others it could be clothes, jackets, shoes, etc. I didn't want to spend a chunk of money on an item that I could only use at certain times or for special occasions. I knew I wanted a black coloured bag with silver hardware as I don't have any existing bags with that combination. In terms of size I was open to a small or medium bag that could be used everyday. I didn't want a wallet-on-chain or tote bag though.

Trying on the purse at the Prada store
Physically try the bags in store (if possible). 
Seeing pictures of the potential bags online was a good starting point, but it really helped me further narrow down my options when I tried the bags on in person at the stores. After trying them on, I took out some options because the shape didn't look good on me, I found it too big/small, or realized that the style didn't match what I was looking for. I really liked the look of the Prada bag as it was simple but chic, the length of the strap was suitable for my height, and it was a good size and style for everyday use.

A look inside. It's big enough to fit my wallet, keys, and other small essentials.
Go through the pros and cons of each option. 
This was the last step before deciding between two bags that I had seen and tried in stores, one of them being the Prada bag that I ended up getting. Some of the criteria that I weighed include:
-  The price: what is the cost of each bag to each other, which one is more cost friendly overall, are there any promotions going on
- The practicality of the bag itself: are there compartments or pockets, how easy is it to open/close, are the closures good quality (magnetic/zipper/button/tie)
- The versatility in the use of the bag: can I dress it both up and down, are there different ways to wear it
- The material: investing in a full leather purse versus one with nylon components

... and so I ended up with this beautiful bag! It was the more cost friendly option compared to the other bag that I was considering so it made me feel even better knowing that I'm not spending extra money for something similar. I got this purse from the Prada store at the Toronto Premium Outlets in Milton, ON so there were good savings! It may not be the latest release on the market but I still love the look and it has its warranties. It is a small cross-body bag but the interior is split into two compartments. It's big enough to fit my wallet and other small essentials. The closure is magnetic and secure (unlike other bags that I've had where the closures started ripping off :s). I really liked how the chain can be left long so it can be used as a cross-body, or bundled so that it shortens into a shoulder style. With the silver chain and classic black leather look, it can definitely be used as an everyday casual style or for fancier occasions. The purse itself is fully leather, with the top being saffiano leather and the bottom being smooth calf leather.

I hope this gives you insight on how you can make smart decisions in a luxury purchase. This can apply for anyone, men or women, making a purchase that is pricier than usual! This process worked for me, but if you have anything else you'd consider or do, definitely tweak it to fit your personality and needs. Let me know down below if there's anything else you'd do!

Until next time, Des

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  1. Congrats! I seriously love this bag!



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