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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

 Hi again! C and I are almost done organizing our condo, and now I finally get to style and design my own home! Last year I did a home decor inspiration post here, and it's cool to see how I've already incorporated most of the things I've listed in that post into our condo. We're not done with the styling yet, but once we are finished I'd be happy to show you guys the finished look (let me know in the comments below if you would like to see that!)

Kare invited me to visit their first ever Canadian showroom in Downtown Toronto on Queen West. Kare is a furniture company originating from Munich, and it prides itself in being unconventional, unique, and style-forward. Kare also produces home decor and houseware. I really needed some fresh inspiration, and I definitely got some great ideas at the showroom.

Here are some of the concepts I took away from the visit!

1. Gold + accent colour

Gold makes a colour palette look so much classier, and how Kare styled a furniture selection of royal blue and gold really caught my attention. It looked so lux! Our condo right now has lots of black-brown furniture against grey floors and walls, so adding gold accents will really help to dress our place up! Here are some other ideas that really highlight the gold against another colour.

Emerald & gold wall

Plum & gold chairs

Grey & gold shower

2. Pastel

Pastel colours may not be everyone's tastes, but for someone who doesn't want such dark and rich colours in their home, it's nice to have these lighter and brighter colours to soften everything up. Kare has this dining set with pastel pink velvet chairs. It's so pretty! I have a knit throw that's a lavender colour so it gives a soft, cozy vibe against our darker furniture. Here are some other pastel colours that's styled so beautifully.

Pastel blue cabinets

Pastel pink wall

Pastel throw pillows

3. Geometric Patterns

I have a love for geometric patterns. It's strangely soothing for me to look at them. This media stand by Kare mixed in two different geometric patterns to add some flair. I myself have this geometric pattern in my home as well. My catchall dish has a geometric form, and our quilts also have a sewn geometric pattern. Here are some other eye-soothing geometric patterns.

Geometric backsplash

Geometric chairs

Geometric lamp

4. Unconventional Decor

As how Kare describes itself as a brand, they follow the mainstream but also add their own twist into what's stylish and contemporary. The lampshade fixture and some of the other decor were so different! Here are some other uncoventional decor styling that is quite interesting too.

Geode rug
Bicycle bathroom setup
Flower and bats wallpaper

Do you have other style tips and suggestions for me?!

Until next time, Des

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