Wedding Wednesday: The Proposal

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Well, this will be a fun series to do in the coming year. :)

Here's how it happened!

On the day of the proposal, C says he wants to have dinner on Main St. Unionville because we haven't tried the restaurants there together (which was true). My mani appointment happened to be on the same day (that was truly a coincidence) so it worked out even better for his plan. There was one point in the day that I suggested we go to the gym together instead of my mani, but he insisted that he was going to the gym before meeting with me. He suggested I just go and do the mani (and he didn't end up gymming haha). 

After my mani we went to a nice Italian restaurant on Main St. Unionville called Il Postino. He did mention to me to dress up a bit since it's a bit fancier, but I still didn't suspect anything because I thought we were just having a fancy dinner date. 

Toogood Pond is by Main St. Unionville. After dinner, C says he wants to go get some shots by the pond (he's into photography) so we went back to the car and he picked up his camera bag. We walk to the pond and find a bench by the waterside. I'm standing by the edge of the pond and from the bench he tells me to sit down because he wants to show me something. 

C: "You always say that I don't write you cards, but what if I made you a photo album?!" (context: C isn't one to write sentimental notes or cards).

From his camera bag, he takes out a beautiful linen photo album. That was the moment when I knew that it was happening!!! The photo album had photos of us from friends to our relationship now. Each photo had a caption along with it that described our journey (I was already getting emotional inside as I read through it). The album was only filled halfway.

From his bag he took out a black box. Inside was the beautiful ring. At this point I couldn't hold in my tears any longer. He asked if I will marry him, and I nodded yes. 

Cheers to this next chapter of our lives. Thank you all so much for the lovely wishes. #happilyeverpong

Until next time, Des

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  1. Lovely ring! Such a nice way to maintain photo albums. I am planning a baby shower for my best friend at one of the spectacular NYC wedding venues in a couple of weeks. Will book the same caterer and baker that were in my engagement party. Was appreciated and liked by all.

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