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Friday, July 21, 2017

Back in January I had made a resolution to do some sort of exercise on all my days off... well, that died a couple months in haha. So, here is another post to not only motivate you but also remind me to get healthy and fit again.

Here are some changes that I still need to enforce for me to live a healthier lifestyle. All of them would be beneficial for you too, and if you're already a pro and doing all of this... then you gotta help me get better!

1. Drink water!

I don't drink enough water each day. It helps flush all the bad stuff out of my system but it would also help make me feel a bit fuller so I don't overeat during mealtimes. A dear friend of mine gifted me with this Swell bottle, so my new goal is to at least finish two full bottles each day.

2. Exercise on a routine basis!

I haven't had a gym membership in the past two years, and I've tried to do at home workouts with the equipment I have and watching Youtube videos. I eventually got bored and stopped doing any exercise. I can tell that I've gained weight (especially with my rounder face and double chin *sadface*) so it's time to get back into some sort of exercise regimen. I joined a gym again, and this time around I'll be following a workout schedule on paper so it doesn't require me to watch a video. C and I have a membership to the same gym so it's also motivating to go work out with him. I also admit that work out gear and shoes that you love wearing will push you to go to the gym to use them. ;)

3. Get more sleep!

The current habit is sleeping anytime between 12am to 2am. It's such a huge range and I plan to change that to sleeping between 11pm to 1am. It's still pretty late but I got to start small and work my way to a better sleeping habit. It's always better to sleep and wake up early instead of sleeping and waking up late.

4. Less sugar-y drinks!

Pop, juice, bubble tea, HK milk tea, iced coffees... I drink all that and the sugar intake accumulates. The changes I plan to make for myself: no more pop, less juice, half sugar for bubble teas, iced coffees, and HK milk teas. It's going to be hard when I do enjoy the taste of these drinks with their normal sugar levels but that sugar intake needs to be cut!

5. Healthier snacks!

Along the same line as the drinks, I need to find healthier snacks that can substitute for the chips, ice-cream, chocolate, and candies that I eat. I love dried seaweed so I've been eating more of that and these Quaker Harvest Nature Fruit & Nut Bars* are good too. I also need to eat fruit more to satisfy the sweet tooth with natural sugars.

6. Set realistic goals!

Last but not least, it's important to be realistic with the changes you're trying to make. Am I going to maintain these habits right away? Most likely not. Am I going to have cheat days? Definitely. Am I going to lose 10 pounds immediately once I start exercising? No. All of these are habits that I've wanted to maintain started eons ago, but what's good is to realize and work on it when you can. The changes will be small and over a period of time. However, I guarantee that as long as you try, your efforts will pay off. You'll feel happier and healthier! I tell myself all of this too. It's also ok to get on that scale and see if the numbers change, as that can also be another motivating factor (don't let it be the only one though). I didn't have my own scale so this Weight Watchers Digital Glass Scale by Conair* will now help me out! I hope to see the numbers go down eventually and I love the clean,sleek look!

What are some your tips for a healthier lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below!

*PR samples were received for editorial consideration. All thoughts and opinions are my own and genuine.

Until next time, Des

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  1. Love this! Next goal of mine is to definitely watch the sugary drinks lol

    1. the sugar-y drinks is the hardest change for me *cry*

  2. This is a great list! I always have to remind myself to drink tons of water throughout the day! Thanks for the health inspo.

    xo, Taylor || The Millennial Sprinkle (thesprinkle.tayloramead.com)

    1. We can all try and get healthier together! :)

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