Top Five Laneige Products

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Laneige is a Korean skincare brand that I adore. Their products work very well for me and I had the opportunity to try a bunch of them. If you want to check out this skincare line, here are my top five recommendations for you!

Different Paramedics?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

You may be wondering, "why am I writing about such a random topic?". Well, it's actually not that random for me. :P The bf is a paramedic! Some of you have asked about the different classes of paramedics and which one he is. I took the opportunity to ask him and to learn more myself!

There are three main classes of paramedics. Each denote their scope of practice:

Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)

They are the entry level paramedics in some provinces, one of them being Ontario. The bf is a primary care paramedic. They can perform defibrillation, administer oxygen, start an IV, administer symptom relief medications, perform trauma immobilization, and other basic medical care. The final medical diagnosis is still needed by a doctor at the hospital.

Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP)

There is a higher demand for advanced care paramedics because of their advanced skills and education as a practitioner. They carry and administer a greater variety of medication than the PCP. ACP's can also conduct more skilled procedures such as intubation for airway management or provide pharmacological relief for various conditions. They have a larger scope of practice than the PCP.

Critical Care Paramedic (CCP)

CCP's are significantly experienced as ACP's. Not only do they work in ambulances but also helicopters as well. Their expertise is especially needed when they're transporting a critical care patient from one hospital to another. Their scope of practice allows them to perform needed procedures on a patient during the transport that a doctor or nurse would usually do. This prevents the sending hospital from losing highly trained staff on patient transfers. CCP's cover the scope of practice of PCP's and ACP's, along with additional skills that only they can do (e.g. mechanical ventilation).

There are also paramedics that specialize in a certain type of work, which is also further classified by the scope of practice as discussed above. Some of them include:
- Flight paramedics
- Tactical paramedics (provide specialized medical care to the emergency task force of police)
- Rapid response paramedics (trained and equipped to work alone and provide full paramedic care  using a smaller vehicle that's not a traditional ambulance so that they can get to the scene quicker)

Hopefully you were able to gain some insight! I definitely did, and I truly respect the role that the bf has in providing emergency care to our city. :)

Until next time, Des

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