Life Lately - Food Edition (Apr '17)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The past few months was all about food!

I walked by this little bake shop one afternoon and I regret not going in. A couple weeks later I was back downtown and this time I made sure to stop by Nugateau. Nugateau specializes in eclairs in an assortment of flavours, from coffee to salted caramel, apple to pistachio, and a whole lot more. Not only is the shop beautiful and minimal in aesthetics, the eclairs themselves are beautiful too! You can taste the unique flavour of each eclair without it being overwhelmingly sweet. It's a luxury snack to indulge but once in a while you just crave that perfect eclair. I don't know any other place that can make eclairs as good as Nugateau.

You may easily walk by the cafe because it's hidden as a shop on the ground floor of an apartment building, but thanks to BlogTO I decided to come try this cafe out. Red Eye Espresso is very small with a boho and homey vibe. Their vanilla latte is classic but so so good.

I had dinner at Canoe with my girlfriends during Winterlicious. It has somehow become our annual tradition to also have our reservation at 9:30pm each year hahaha!

I attended BOB Coffee Bar's opening event with my foodie friend @derekeats and fell in love! The only downside for me is that the cafe is a bit far and out of the way from where I live. The cafe has elements of design that I love all combined into one: beautiful tiles, big open windows, minimal white walls, marble countertops, and a bleeding heart wall! Completely insta-worthy haha. We got to try different things from their menu, and I must say that their Spanish Latte (sweetened with condensed milk) and artisan hot-pressed sandwiches are da bomb! I would order those each time all the time!

I wouldn't have known how great Boxcar Social is of a cafe until my dear friend and foodie @rosemxry took me there. It was so great catching up with her, and we also did a mini OOTD shoot that day (stay tuned for that!).

Any food discoveries for you in the past while? I would love to try some new things!

Until next time, Des

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