Fresh Sugar Lip Seduction (Holiday Set)

Monday, December 5, 2016

What's better than having nourished, moisturized lips with a beautiful tint of colour? Well, this Sugar Lip Seduction* holiday set containing the Sugar Lip Treatments by Fresh would be an awesome gift for the ladies who are intimidated by lipsticks and glosses, who you want to treat with quality lip products, or ladies who don't want to think too hard about what to wear on their lips in the morning as they're rushing out the door (aka me).

Fresh is such an awesome brand, using natural ingredients that remain at the core of their affordable but still luxury products. I'm slowly dipping my feet into its wonderful range of skin and body care. Their Sugar Lip Treatments are great introductory products to the brand.

Where to purchase: Sephora or online on the Fresh website.

Cost: $70 ($98 value)

Packaging: The gift packaging is beautiful! The pink and gold combo is so eye catching. The lip treatments are minis (0.07 oz), about half of the full size (0.15 oz). You can choose to gift all seven shades to a lucky girl so she's able to try all of them out, or break it apart and give as a smaller gift or stocking stuffer to multiple people. The barrel of each balm is made with metal and the cap doesn't come off unless you twist it out of the ridges. Very nice quality!

Product: The balms are extremely buttery and smooth! It feels so good on the lips. I did find that the colour can easily move around so it can look slightly patchy up close, but from far the colour is consistent on the whole lip. Since it's like a balm, it gives some shine on the lips, but not as intense as a lip gloss. The colour has a sheer finish but it's buildable. It's great for the girl who wants to have that moisture and colour all in one lip product. The colours are all very flattering, ranging from nude to pink, berry, and red tones. I would wear every single one!

- Ruby: sheer shimmery rouge tint
- Berry: bold flirty berry tint
- Fig: sheer pearlescent wine tint

- Tulip: sheer hot pink tint
- Rose: sheer rose tint
- Poppy: bold deep pink red tint
- Petal: bold pink blossom tint

Swatches from L to R: Rose, Petal, Tulip, Poppy, Ruby, Berry, Fig

I would definitely have this on my own Christmas wish list, and it'll be included in my upcoming gift guides! It's a fantastic gift set from Fresh that could be given as one or for multiple people! Are you going to get it or gift it this year?

*Product was sent for consideration as PR sample. All opinions are of my own and genuine.

Until next time, Des

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  1. I looooove these lipbalms, can't get enough of that lemon meringue scent!!

    1. That's what it smells like!! I was trying to figure out another way to describe it other than citrus haha

  2. What a fun set!! These lip balms are a favourite of mine, too, and it's always a struggle each year to NOT buy their box sets like this one :P

    1. It's awesome! I'm glad that I got to try out all these Sugar Lip Treatments :)

  3. Ooh, the packaging is beautiful and you really can't go wrong with Fresh skin care! I'm pretty sure I need Poppy in my life- such a gorgeous sheer red :)

  4. Who doesn't love Fresh? This is such a pretty set, I just love it.

    1. I'm slowly trying more and more, and falling deeper and deepr in love with Fresh :D


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