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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Your skin has to work with the products that you use, and that's why my skincare routine doesn't change often. However, after trying out these three products from Canadian brand Chorus Supernatural, some of them may actually make it into my routine as a regular product!

Chorus Supernatural is a skin-, body-, and hair-care brand originating from the west coast in British Columbia. Their products are 100% natural, using only ingredients that are sourced locally from the province. Everyone can find something suitable in their product ranges for different skin types or ages. Their brand has been awarded the CertClean Safety Designation so if you're looking for clean, green, and safe beauty... this is it! Chorus Supernatural ranked the safest among a multitude of other beauty brands, including Tata Harper, Burt's Bees, Yes To, Aveeno, and Jurlique!

All Chorus Supernatural products are CertClean verified
I was sent the Chorus Cleanse*, Chorus Tone*, and Chorus Hydrate* to try. This combination is suppose to be great for the cold and dry weather that we have now.

Where to purchase: Online on their website here, or at select locations in the GTA. Their website has a store locator that can be used to find your nearest retailer that carries the line.

Cost: Mid-range pricing, pricing that's towards the higher end of drugstore products. Chorus Cleanse is $19.90, Chorus Tone is $17.90, and Chorus Hydrate is $24.90.

Packaging: It's super easy to know what the product does as its name indicates its function! My Chorus Cleanse is a cleanser, Chorus Tone is a toner, and Chorus Hydrate is a moisturizer. Some of their other products include names such as Chorus Peel, Chorus Lip, and Chorus Shampoo. The branding is sleek and minimal; their packaging is quality and hygienic! I'm quite impressed by it. I love how the toner is packaged as a spray and the moisturizer with a pump.

Product: I've been using all three products for the past few weeks. The cleanser has a fresh citrus scent and a gel like consistency. It lathers up so nicely when I use my Foreo Luna 2 with it (my review of the Foreo here!). The cleanser isn't harsh and it doesn't leave my skin with that uncomfortable, squeaky clean feeling.
I follow with the toner and I spritz it all over my face. It's very refreshing! The toner absorbs quickly as I pat it into my skin. If people prefer to use a cotton pad with their toner, that's no problem. You can just spray it directly onto the cotton pad.
I finish with the moisturizer and it is hydrating enough that some of my dry patches on my skin are gone since I started using it! The consistency of the moisturizer is thicker but it doesn't affect my oily skin issues. It does have an earthy clay scent to it, probably due to hellmoor clay that's in it, which I don't really like. It doesn't leave an uncomfortable feeling as though the lotion is just sitting over the skin since it gets absorbed quickly as well. Half a pump is enough for one use.

Overall I really liked the products and I would love to try more from their skincare and bodycare ranges! In the few weeks I've used these, my skin has looked brighter and more supple. My favourite of the three was Chorus Tone, and it's definitely going to be incorporated into my skincare routine as a regular! I was using the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads before but Chorus Tone is a cheaper toner option and it's easy to travel with. It's also so great to support a brand that's made at home here in Canada. :)

Any other local/Canadian brands I should try?

*Disclaimer: These products were sent as PR samples for consideraion. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Until next time, Des

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  1. Wow, I've never heard of this brand but sounds great. I'm really interested in the toner and the moisturizer. Love that it's Canadian as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem! It's the best when you discover great indie skincare brands that work well too!


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