OOTD: Men's Edition

Sunday, June 5, 2016

We often see OOTD posts for the ladies, and on the blog it has only been  me and my gals. I thought I would turn it around and feature some men in my life who dress well in their own style and were so willing to participate in this photoshoot. Thank you to a dear friend (DT) for inspiring me to do an OOTD post for the guys out there. ;)

A special shoutout to the bf Clarence for the awesome photos! You can find more of his photography work on Instagram at @thebabylens!

Enjoy this feature! Each guy shares a bit about their style. They're amazing for collaborating with me. :) 

Shirt: H&M
Jacket: Gap x Hill-Side (Collab)
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Call It Spring
Sunglasses: Joe Fresh

"Button down shirts are a staple of my work and casual outfits. For work or dressier situations I'll add the dress shoes and a versatile blazer." 

What I love about Galvin's style is his simple but classic choices. Each piece on its own are staples, but put together is an outfit that will always work. 


Polka Dot Shirt: Local boutique from Hong Kong
Black pants: H&M
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Desert Boots: Clarks
Glasses: Burberry (@eyestaroptical)

"This outfit was inspired by just keeping things nice and subtle. Blue is the safest colour you can wear while still looking trendy. It so happens to be one of my favourite colours too! Add some polka dots on there and BAM! You get more detail! Throw in some black pants, desert boots, and a watch with a leather strap...you'll have the perfect outfit." 

What I love about Justin's style is his ability to find basic pieces with some edge to them. In this outfit it was the polka dots, but I've also seen tribal and cheetah prints on him as well! 


Sweater: H&M
Vest: Firefly
Jeans: Levi's
Sneakers: Nike
Messenger Bag: Herschel

"At the most fundamental level, clothing was made simply to provide protection, warmth and cover parts of the body that were otherwise not meant to be seen. It seems over time, it has become much more than this, evolving into a matter of self expression. We seem to have bought into what the fashion industry has sold us, that as you and your life change, so must your wardrobe. We purchase clothing to the point of excess, in the pursuit of presenting the best version of ourselves through, ultimately, meaningless and arbitrary garments. This is exactly what I would describe my style as: a collection of meaningless and arbitrary garments that fulfill their fundamental purposes of protection, warmth, and decency. To try to derive further meaning is vain."

What I love about Daniel's style is that it's exactly what he finds the most comfort in... and he's totally cool with that! Thumbs up to ya!


Chambray Shirt: Bruno
Cardigan: Bluenotes
Tie: Pierre Cardin
Slim Fit Jeans: Winners
Watch: Moto 360

"I like to keep things relatively simple, conservative, layered if the temperature allows, and classically classy. It's important that it can fit in at the office, when I'm out with friends, and when I'm maintaining a frugal clothing budget. Clothes that can serve multiple purposes is key. Also, going into the wardrobe and digging up old treasures is great. You get a taste of the past while mixing it with some modern styling to get a more unique look. It doesn't necessarily mean thrift shopping but as an example the tie is from my father's 80s wardrobe!"

What I love about Lennex's style is his ability to make dressier outfits work for casual environments, and vice versa! There is definitely skill behind that as it makes almost everything in his wardrobe good for every occasion. 


Shirt: Massimo Dutti
Pants: Winners
Casual shoes: Fish N' Chips

"My style and fashion sense has been described as sloppy, lazy and at times, an utter failure. I personally like to think of it as relaxed and comfortable, but I've been told many times before that what I think doesn't matter. If I had a choice, I would've been in shorts, flip-flops and a baggy T-shirt today, but that style isn't blog worthy. That style isn't acceptable. It's vomitrocious! It's an embarrassment. It's disgusting. It's cheap. I only wear things like this because other people like it. It makes other people feel less judged when they're seen with me. And if there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's that what other people think matters most. Give up your dreams. Forget about being happy. Forget about being comfortable. You live to please other people. And remember, if you're miserable, sweating and can hardly breathe this summer, at least you look good while you're dying."

The most hilarious blurb of all haha! What I love about Derek's style is that it's so versatile and always changing. It's true, his favourite outfit of all times is his T-shirt and shorts, but when he needs to dress up, his entire look can change. It's always a funny thought thinking about what he's going to wear next! :P


Long Sleeve Shirt: Old Navy
Cuffed Pants: Uniqlo
Watch: Skagen
Glasses: Lindberg
Shoes: Converse

"The theme of my style would be to look upscale without breaking the bank. I think navy blue is the easiest colour to match because it works so well with other colours. Last piece of advice: adding a blazer to any top with the right pants and shoes will give you that classy feel for a boost of confidence (blazer seen in group photo)."

What I love about Kevin's style is the slight touch of trends in his outfits. My favourite were those cuffed pants! Definitely a trendy take of the jogger style that got very popular. The words to describe him would be current, in style, and put together. 


Plaid Shirt: Club Monaco
Tapered Pants: J.Crew
Shoes: Nike x J.Crew (Collab)
Sunglasses: Dior

"I think my style most resembles smart casual. I usually wear shirts with prints and patterns that are subtle and simple in design. I really like shoes, so I try to have shoes and sneakers that are comfortable for everyday wear but also versatile for different settings. Generally, I don't like to be too bold, I simply try to purchase classics that I can see myself wearing a few years down the road!"

What I love about Yotin's style is the aesthetic. It's a style that can inspire ideas in others. He makes it look easy to put a great outfit together.

I had so much fun doing this shoot with each of these guys! This post wouldn't exist without them. Hope you all enjoy the post as well! :)

Until next time, Des

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  1. Love this Des!!!! I love that the outfit choices are totally doable and accessible. Can you do one for girlsssssssssss
    I have no idea how to dress for work and everywhere i look online, the blogs or ads are too out of reach.

    1. Of course! And I would want you to be a part of the next one! :D
      Work attire is definitely tough. I struggle with it too but I try to mix and match whatever I have to make different outfits! Usually I dress it up with either a blazer or heels.

  2. This must have been such a fun day together!

    1. Yea it was! :) Hoping to do more of these kinds of shoots and posts in the future!

  3. thanks


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