Friday, March 18, 2016

Mondor @ Toronto Fashion Week 2016

I was invited to attend Toronto Fashion Week and watch the Mondor runway show. It was such a dream to actually watch those models walk down the T stage. Each individual's sense of style, whether it was a guest or model, was also so interesting and beautiful to see.

Things I brought along with me in my Ralph Lauren leather tote: Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Demeter Fragrance in Jasmine, Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Pepper, Coach clutch.

Swarovski, Maybelline, NeoStrata, Microsoft, and of course Mercedes-Benz were a few of the many sponsors of this week that was dedicated to fashion and Canadian designers. I received some goodies from them as well, and those things may be featured in upcoming posts. Stay tuned! ;)

Mondor has "everything legwear for your every mood". Their fall collection features new designs and patterns made for fashion and street style. They have everything from tights to leggings, knee-high to thigh-high socks. It's also so easy to layer with their quality, Canadian-made legwear. Have you ever considered wearing thigh-high socks over tights? It would give such a fashionable, unique look. What I loved about the show was that each model presented a curated outfit that even I would be able to wear on the streets, giving me inspiration for my own everyday wear. You can take a look at their fashion legwear on their site here.

Here are some snapshots of their 2016 Legwear Lookbook given to me at the show:

I would love to go again next year! Have you ever wanted to go watch a fashion show?

Until next time, Des

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