Haul: One of A Kind Show '16 Best Finds

Monday, March 28, 2016

I had the privilege of going to the One of A Kind Show, thanks to a dear friend who is also one of the amazing artisans I will be featuring today! For those of you who've never heard of this event, The One of A Kind Show & Sale first started in 1975. The show celebrates handmade excellence, creativity, and craftsmanship. This year it featured over 450 Canadian artisans, all gathered with the booths that they self-constructed at the Enercare Centre in Downtown Toronto. You can find everything from jewellery to food, fashion to stationary, decor to gifts.  The show is hosted every spring and winter. I am a huge supporter of local businesses. Their effort and passion for their work is evident and it translates into quality products.

This year, I have five particular businesses/brands that I would like to give a shout out. I purchased something from each of these businesses! It was such a pleasure getting to meet the owners and hear about the story behind each business.

Olive Branch & Co.

Website: www.olivebranchandco.com
Instagram: @olivebranchandco

Olive Branch & Co., run by Melissa, is a calligraphy and design studio. Melissa does every custom calligraphy piece herself. She makes simple words and phrases into an art with each stroke, evoking emotions and creating such visual beauty. What's even more inspiring is that her work is not simply done for herself and her clients, but also to help others. 10% of the profits go to International Justice Mission, a partner organization to the End It Movement which aims to end modern day slavery and human trafficking. A round of applause for ya! Thank you Melissa for allowing me to experience the show and for some great pieces of your calligraphy work to have and gift to others!

Poetic Blend

Website: www.poeticblend.com
Instagram: @poeticblend

Mikayla is the founder and creative director of Poetic Blend. I finally got the chance to meet this #girlboss in person at the show! The story of how her business came to be right from the studio in her home, why she called her business "Poetic Blend", and the process behind the making of each product by hand is so inspiring! All the ingredients in her beauty products are vegan, cruelty-free, natural, and sourced from the best. She goes all out! Some ingredients actually come all the way from places like South Africa! These luxury lip balms are not even part of her usual repertoire of beauty products but what's even more crazy is that she made them fresh to have available at the show! That shows commitment. I'm already using them and they're so wonderful and soothing to the lips. She's known for her facial oils (which I also already own) so stay tuned for an upcoming post about these oils and how to use them! A giveaway will be involved! *wink*. Congratulations again Mikayla for the expansion of your business!

Double L Decor

Website: www.doubleLdecor.ca
Instagram: @doubleldecor

You can probably tell how excited I am to have purchased this because it's in every photo haha. Laura and Lucas are based in Hamilton and their craft is so unique! They're able to creatively make exceptional products using mostly natural materials, specifically concrete and wax! This pretty pot is made of two batches of concrete that were fused to create the marble effect. Each pot is different, never the same. Oh gosh, it was love at first sight since I love all things marble, topped with the mint and gold accents! They mix, pour, sand, seal, and paint every single item by hand. They were also so thoughtful to include a succulent with the pot. It adds the perfect touch to the aesthetics. It was so nice meeting you Laura!

Sea + Lake Paper Co.

Website: www.seaandlake.com
Instagram: @seaandlake

As I was walking around at the show, this booth automatically drew me in with the cute interiors and cards (by the way, congrats on winning "best booth" at the show Christina & Alicia!). Their cards and prints are all hand-drawn and hand-lettered, but what I love is the quirkiness behind each one of them. This one was one of my faves! It pretty much sums up the relationship I have with the bf haha. It really takes creative minds to come up with each quote or design, ensuring that it'd be funny, attractive, and quirky.

Marmalade Designs

Website: www.marmaladedesigns.ca
Instagram: @madebymarmalade

Kate is a mom who owns and makes all the beautiful jewellery that Marmalade offers. Everything is locally made in Toronto. There are so many styles and options to choose from, there's bound to be something that you would love! For me it was this dainty gold bow necklace (I'm in a pretty bow phase at the moment). Marmalade uses local production for their casting needs and it's pretty cool that they hire graduates from the local Jewellery Arts program to help out! Each jewellery piece is quality as it's only made in sterling silver or bronze. I tried on the necklace at their booth and Kate probably saw how excited I was about it. I knew I had to have it in my jewellery collection.

I had such a fun time at OOAKS! I hope that I was able to open your eyes to some local businesses that are doing such fantastic work and that you would be able to support them too. If you want to check out other businesses and their merchandise that I didn't mention, OOAKS has an online shop that compiles them together here.

Until next time, Des

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  1. Nice haul! Love the plant and the quirky card :)

    Maria | Pink Petals

    1. Thanks Maria! Yea the card seems like something you would like as well :P


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