Cozy Comforts

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The weather is getting colder real fast, and I need my cozy comforts to keep me warm and fuzzy. Here are mine!

Reading a book with a hot cup of tea, still in pj's and fuzzy socks. My current favourite tea is from the Pretty Tea Shop Peppery Grapefruit Tea (yummy fruity scents with some winter peppery warmth!)

A ladies' spa night to rejuvenate the skin and catch up on life.

Freshly baked Pillsbury Christmas sugar cookies.

Being wrapped up in my blanket scarf outside. 

Being with the bf. 

What are your cozy comforts?

Until next time, Des

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  1. Awww your photos look so cozy! I've been also into finding new ways to find more cozy this holiday season. One of my favorite ones is to sneak my boyfriend's shirt and wear it at home. Also, yummy macaroons and pretty candles make me feel super cozy - instantly!


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