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Friday, October 9, 2015

I've never had a room makeover since I moved into my current home in 2000. My bedroom has evolved but it was at a standstill for a good period of time. I really wanted to update my room to be more mature and less kiddy, have a theme (white, chrome, and wood), and be more organized (I hoard too much for my own good).

I went through most of the things that have been collecting in my bedroom and chucked/donated things I know I don't need. I added some personality and decor to my bedroom with some very affordable pieces that I found at Winners/Walmart/Muji, good for a room makeover on a student budget!

I'm not always home and tend to be forgetful when I need to do routine tasks such as watering plants. This pretend plant is in the cutest pot (love the scallop trim and polka dot design) and it adds some green to my bedroom without me having to worry about it dying anytime soon haha.

This white tray helps to organize my perfumes and sprays while adding some sophistication to my vanity. The tray was meant to be for bathroom storage but you can find items like such and use it for your own unique purposes. 

On my desk are these three items which are all new. On the left is one of my small DIY projects. I drew this encouraging verse by hand and placed it in a beautiful chrome frame to display it. The quote has a significant meaning to me and this is such a pretty way to emphasize it. The wooden owl figurine reminds me to be wise and smart... and that's why it's on the desk since I'm usually sitting there when I'm working. The swirly pen holder adds some femininity to the desk area and looks more put-together than if I used a random cup lying around the house. 

On my bookshelf is one of my most treasured pieces: the chrome pineapple!! I am IN LOVE with it. I can't describe why I love it so much, but it's a fantastic decor piece to style on my bookshelf. 

I have the four square shelving unit from Ikea and each compartment was originally crammed with a lot of stuff. It was very messy, making it hard to find anything. I organized the things being stored in the top two compartments and purchased these two baskets to help with the organization of the bottom two. The baskets made the shelf look much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

On top of my square shelving unit are my accessories. I've had the jewelry stand and box for a while but what's new is the two drawer acrylic case from Muji. I use it to store my collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses. The gold foil print behind it again adds a touch of glam to this area of my bedroom. 

The last addition to my bedroom is this decorative pillow that I keep on my bed once it's made. It's also the most cheesy item in the room haha. On one side it says "hello there handsome" and the other side says "good morning gorgeous". I found the pompom trim to be so cute and the pillow itself is comfortable as well. The bf approves of it too. :)

What are some of your favourite room decor? 

Until next time, Des

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