Lilli Gordon and Her FAB Line

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I love trying new products and lines because it's like finding treasure when they work well with my skin. A skincare treasure that I've come to adore and use regularly in my regimen is First Aid Beauty (FAB). A recent chat with the FAB founder Lilli Gordon has made me more aware of the importance of choosing what's best for you and that sometimes keeping it simple is the best thing you're doing for your skin.

The name "First Aid Beauty" sounds like a brand that works like medicine but is still luxurious, and safe for sensitive skin but still works to make us beautiful. These thoughts are exactly like Lilli's when she first started the brand in 2009. This skincare line is about simple products that work fantastic for the skin without the expensive pricetag that one may see for other brands. There are no harsh chemicals in any of the products and they do not include parabens, phthalates, alcohol, fragrances, or dyes. It's an excellent choice for all (sensitive, oily, dry, combo) skintypes.

I'm a big fan of this skincare line, and I was already using FAB products in my regimen even before I met with Lilli. My favourite three products are also in her top picks (yay!) and they work wonders for me. 

Face Cleanser with FAB Antioxidant Booster

Who: Anyone with any skin type or issue. 
What: A gentle creamy cleanser that is soothing and washes away any residual makeup and other dirty stuff on your face. It calms redness, reduces any skin irritations, and is pH-balanced to maintain the natural acidity of the skin. There is a blend of botanical antioxidants that minimizes the effects of harmful free radicals in the skin. 
How: Use it once/twice a day as your regular cleanser. 
Cost: $25. It comes in a travel size for $12.50. 
Thoughts: I like it! I'm currently using this as my cleanser at night. My face feels clean and refreshed after having washed off all the oil and dirt and makeup from the day. I have noticed that the redness of my skin has diminished with use. 

Ultra Repair Cream

Who: Anyone, but very beneficial for people with dry skin. 
What: A rich cream that delivers intense hydration to the skin, on the body or face. Ingredients that provide relief to dry skin include colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, and eucalyptus oil. It can be used for minor relief of dryness/irritation or for long-term skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis. 
How: Use whenever needed. 
Cost: $37. It comes in a travel size for $15.
Thoughts: I only use this product whenever my skin is super dry, especially in the winter. Skin that was originally scaly and tight from the lack of moisture goes back to its normal, supple state after using it. I personally only use it on my body and not the face. There's no fragrance to it so it's a product that I would recommend to men as well. The cream to me is on the pricier side so I use it only when needed. 

Facial Radiance Pads

Who: Anyone!
What: Textured cotton pads that are presoaked to tone, brighten and exfoliate. The solution consists of an effective blend of natural acids and extracts that is safe to use daily. Cucumber and Indian gooseberry tones, lactic acid and glycolic acid for exfoliating, lemon peel and licorice root brightens and leaves the skin glowing, hyaluronic acid for moisture. Overall it improves skin clarity, reduces visible pores, and diminishes fine lines. 
How: Use after cleansing your skin once/twice daily. 
Cost: $37 for 60 pads, $18.50 for 28 pads.
Thoughts: This is my absolute favourite product in the FAB line. I use it two times a day and my skin does look more glowing and fresh after a couple days use. The solution soaked in the pad is not harsh and it feels refreshing when I wipe it all over my face and down my neck. Acne is another one of my skin issues and I find that it helps reduce any potential flareups and calms any existing pimples so that it clears faster. I find it more effective than drugstore toners that I've tried. It's a definite repurchase. 

What other FAB products do you use? Let me know! 

Until next time, Des

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