Summer 2015 Greatest Eats

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This was the summer of good company and TONS of good food. These places ranged from being close to home to places all the way Downtown, but regardless I would definitely go to all of them again! Here are the best eats of my summer. :)

Three Stooges Family Restaurant (111 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga)

Located in Port Credit (along with a beautiful lake view), Three Stooges has the look of a local family diner with a cottage-like atmosphere. Their meals were massive! Both the bf and I couldn't finish our own dishes. We went for brunch and it was hearty and delicious. I had a bacon and veggie omelette and he ordered a sausage skillet. Thumbs up! 

Murphys Ice Cream Parlor (9 Main St, Mississauga)

Don't mistake this small ice cream parlor for nothing! Traditional and vintage is how I would describe this place. Ice-cream was on point and they seriously load it up for you! They have soft serve, scooped icecream, sorbet... you'll probably find something you like among their flavours and variety. I got a single scoop of my favourite flavour, cookies & cream.

Jump (18 Wellington St W, Toronto)

This restaurant participated in Summerlicious this year and I had the pleasure of trying out their prix fixe menu with good friends. Classic American cuisine with a classy venue in their glass atrium, it was a great night! My favourite from their menu this year was their B.C. Keta Salmon with pickled mushrooms, maple dashi, smoked farro & braised kale. Nice and raw on the inside, crisp and cooked on the outside. Yum.

Tenren's Tea (111 Times Avenue, Thornhill)

I didn't come here for their drinks or snacks. It was only for their matcha soft serve ice-cream. I don't know how I never knew about this till this summer, but it's definitely a favourite now whenever I'm craving some green tea ice-cream. Watch out though, on hot summer days they'll sell out fast!

ZenQ (8333 Kennedy Road, Markham)

They have a cool twist on Asian desserts, especially when it comes to their sweet soya bean jelly. I liked it! They do savoury meals as well so whether you're craving salty or sweet, they'll have something for ya. 

Woofles & Cream (8360 Kennedy Road, Toronto)

They combined two of my favourite things: egg waffles and ice-cream! You can customize your egg waffle by choosing the flavour you want and also choosing what ice cream you want with it as well. I chose the original egg waffle with matcha ice-cream (of course) for some classic sweetness. 

Duo Pâtisserie & Café (230 Commerce Valley Dr E, Markham)

Sleek and modern with delectable desserts and drinks. The place was insta-worthy! Their food and drinks were insta-worthy too. In the picture is their rose-oolong and matcha macarons with a London Fog. They give extra love by doing latte art on your drinks as well! Very chic place to go for a small snack in the day with a friend. 

Dineen Coffee Co. (140 Yonge St, Toronto)

It's hip, it's good. It's the everyday, pretty, and polished cafe to stop by when you're strolling around Downtown. Their quiche and vanilla latte was a great addition to my day. 

Mildred's Temple Kitchen (85 Hanna Ave, Toronto)

I'm so thrilled that my friend introduced me to this restaurant. It has a modern, industrial design with an open concept and is even more amazing with their food. Two of their best known dishes are their blueberry buttermilk pancakes and their eggs benedict with smoked salmon and bernaise sauce on a croissant (and of course that's exactly what we ordered). 

Do you have other recommendations for me for some good food? Let me know!!

Until next time, Des

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  1. All that ice cream looks amazing. You've got great taste!


    1. Thank you! It's too hard to resist some good ice-cream.

    I overindulged when I was brunching there for the first time but literally the best scones I've ever had. And those blueberry pancakes were ACTUAL FLUFFY HEAVEN.

    Matcha soft serves sounds divine, though my favourite ice cream place this summer was Bang Bang's. Went there ~four times, but one day I will try all the flavours!

    1. Yes I've heard so many good things about Bang Bang's! I need to try it out before it gets too cold!


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