Invitation for a Caryl Baker Visage Experience!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What a thrill it was to receive an email from a PR representative for Caryl Baker Visage several weeks ago! It was even harder to contain my excitement when a package came in the mail containing many beauty goodies from their new spring collection.

*This is not a sponsored post. The products were sent to me as a PR sample for consideration and I was asked nothing in return. Everything written is of my own opinion.*

"Tropical Retreat" is the name of the spring collection, and it has such gorgeous, wearable shades of eyeshadow and gel liner colours! The package came with picture tutorials that showed how each product could be worn to produce a beautiful, tropical look. 

I used their eyeshadow called "Bikini Bottom" and their gel liner called "Aloha". The eyeshadow is a slightly shimmery peach colour. I liked it a lot for someone who usually sticks with the neutral shades. It gave a hint of colour and warmth to my eyes. The gel liner was deep purple in colour. The consistency of the liner was very smooth and again it added a hint of colour to the look. From far it looks like my usual neutral eyeshadow and black liner... up close is when you get to see the springtime, tropical magic of the makeup :) I still have to try the other eyeshadows, eye primer, and the mascara so I'll report on those another time.

I was also invited to try their new HD Brow Service at the Vaughan Mills Caryl Baker Visage salon . Honestly, I was a bit nervous because I never had such cosmetic services done before (at most it was tweezing my brows in front of a mirror at home!). It was nonetheless an amazing experience! Melissa was the beauty expert that guided me through their services and I knew I was in good hands. 

- They explained every single step of the process so that I understood what was going on my face and the benefits of each product. 
- They make sure that there will be no allergic or skin reaction to the products they use, so they conduct a brief medical/cosmetic history and tint test before starting. It's a thumbs up for me because not many other salons have this customer satisfaction and health policy. 
- All their products are cruelty-free, made with natural and synthetic ingredients that is compatible and good with the skin. 
- Their salon services are under a "one-time" policy. Every disposable tool was used once. All their makeup and skincare are sanitized after every use. 

The before picture. Nothing has been done yet. No makeup. 

I came into the store with my usual day makeup... and it was all wiped off haha. They start with a clean blank slate so that all the skincare they apply will be put onto a clear face. They applied their Caryl Baker cleanser, toner, and moisturizer before starting the brow services. Words to sum up their skincare line: soothing, refreshing, hydrating. 

The HD Brow Service consisted of tinting, waxing, and tweezing (and there went my first ever waxing experience!). They redefined my brows by taking away stray hairs that were out of place from the main body of my brows and slightly reshaped it to produce a higher arch. The tint is semi-permanent. It lasts for 4-6 weeks. During this period I wouldn't need to fill in my brows at all!

Following that they did a beauty makeover using their top of the line makeup. I am in love with their Caryl Baker Perfect 10 BB Creme... and to my surprise they gifted that to me as a thank-you for trying their service! The BB creme is light and natural with good coverage. The shade matched my skin perfectly! My skin is sensitive and this did not cause any problems (no breakouts, no dry patches). 

Want to see the final look?

Something edgy and different they did for me that day was fill in the brows darker and slightly thicker. It's a trend that has come in this year. Many celebrities like how a thicker, bolder brow brings natural emphasis to their face since they play such a crucial role in framing the face. The perfect example is model Cara Delevigne!

Taken from

I can always tone down the look as well for an every-day wear. 

Thank you again Caryl Baker Visage for this opportunity! I loved every moment and will definitely come back for some brow grooming and makeup!

Until next time, Des 

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