Life in Pictures #2: NYC

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I finally stepped into the real city-life of New York City for the very first time in October! I was a true tourist down there! I took a ton of pictures, went to all the typical attractions, but most importantly I spent my unforgettable weekend there with amazing people. Here is a recap of my trip in pictures... can you guess where I visited?

This post is part of a linkup with Linda from!

Fit Fed and Happy

"Life in Pictures" is a challenge in which I take pictures to recount what I've done recently while avoiding as much text as possible. Were you able to figure out where I went? :)

Until next time, Des


  1. 1. I was supposed to go down to NYC for my audition into Juilliard and Trisch! Instead I'm staying here in Canada and submitting it online, but wow, you were sure luck y to visit a place like that. Was it super busy?

    2. YuM! I love that that pizza you can see the separated cheese squares like little islands floating in an ocean of tomato sauce. Here we have a homogeneous mixture layered throughout the pizza--not as appealing as yours.

    3. What a beautiful bridge?! Did you take a nice midnight stroll?

    4. By the looks of it, it was a planned trip with some friends. Did you share a hotel room?

    Thank you so much for coming to the party, you are a lot of fun. Hope to see you again on the 21st of November and feel free to bring some friends, since partying is always fun with big groups. #LIPlinkup

    1. 1. Wow Juilliard?! That's crazy awesome! If you get in then you'll be the first blogger friend I know who's attending there! :)

      3. Yes, it was a near midnight stroll in Brooklyn. One of the most beautiful sights that I've ever laid eyes upon. I would never get sick of that view.

      4. Yup, it was a road trip to the city! Yes, we crammed four people into a hotel room meant for two haha it somehow worked out.


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