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Thursday, September 18, 2014

I love Apple. I don't have a Macbook at the moment (can't afford it, still on a student budget wahhh) but I do own a third generation iPod Nano and am currently using my iPhone 4S.

I'm not one who hoards apps like no tomorrow. I don't like the cluttered look from having pages and pages of apps. I like to keep my phone as organized as I can, only keeping apps that I actually use and deleting those that I haven't touched in months or even in a year.

I've had my iPhone 4S for a little over three years now and it's still in tip top condition. Yes, I admit I have dropped it several times but luckily it hasn't knocked any hardware loose or destroyed the glass cover. I'm currently using a clear, soft plastic case over it. It provides protection while allowing me to still see the phone in its natural white beauty :) (OK, no more corny talks about the phone).

My lock screen is a picture of my bf and I at a wedding that we attended together in July :)

Here's the first page of my home screen. I like to change the background every month or so, and this past month was a solid, pastel pink background. I keep all the apps that I use the most often on this page. They're pretty standard.

Clock- I use it for all the different alarms that I need for each day of the week.
Instagram- Can't go by a day without scrolling through this picture feed for a study break or for inspiration.
Starbucks- I pay for my drinks using this app and it keeps an updated balance on my card. It also gives a history of my transactions, the stars that I've collected, and the rewards I've earned.
ESV Bible- It's a great app if I want to read the Bible on the go. Some Bible apps require data to use but this one doesn't which makes it much more convenient for me to access anywhere.

This is my Google folder. I use all the apps regularly, even Youtube. :P

Google Maps- A must have. It's definitely the winner over the Apple Maps app.

The second page is of the apps that I do use but not as often. I sorted all of them into some sort of folder to keep the page neat and tidy.

The first folder I have is called "Utilities". This folder carries the apps that cannot be deleted from the phone but they are also the ones that I rarely use.


The next folder is called "Photography". It has the Camera app and the other photo-editing apps that I use to beautify dem pics.

Photogrid- I use this app to create collages with my pictures or to fit a rectangular photo into the square shape of typical Instagram posts. Here's an example of that:

Do you recognize her? It's Estee! (Essibutton on Youtube)

VSCOCam- It has great preset filters that can be added to your pictures, but you can also edit your own pictures from scratch using functions such as brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, etc.
Studio- This app allows me to add text, borders, crops, or cute doodles onto the picture (the very first picture in this post was made with this app!)

The third folder is called "Social". I have all my other social media apps in here, besides Facebook and Twitter since I use those daily.

Whatsapp- It's worth the 99 cents. It's a fantastic platform for messaging and it's especially useful if you want to keep in touch with people who live in a different country or if you want to send pictures or audio messages to someone who doesn't have iMessage.
Pinterest- My favourite app to find recipes, DIY projects, fashion inspiration, quick makeup tutorials, workouts, you name it!
Bloglovin- If you love to read blogs, this is a great portal that enables you to follow your favourite blogs and to stay updated with a feed of newly published posts. You can also search up blogs by category so that you can find the hidden gems to follow and read.

The following folder is titled "Music".

Songza- This app knows what kind of music to recommend depending on what you're doing. It lists out different activities that you may be doing during the time of day (e.g. studying, working out, hosting a dinner party) and it suggests different playlists depending on which activity that you indicate.
Shazam- Have you ever heard a song while you're out and you didn't know what it was called? This app can listen to whatever music is playing and it will generate the title and artist of the song for you!
8tracks- Another great app where you can listen to playlists created by other people.

Here comes my "Games" folder! 2048 is my favourite. I'm generally a fan of strategy games.

Flood-It!- A colourful game where the objective is to flood the entire board with the same colour in a certain number of steps (strategy).
Temple Run 2- You have to run away from the monster by swiping left, right, up, down without dying (action).
Dots- Connect dots of the same colour to eliminate them from the board while trying to eliminate as many as you can within a time limit (strategy).
Spaceteam- A multi-player game where everyone's phone must be synced together through wifi or bluetooth. You are all flying a spaceship and everyone has instructions that are either for their own control panel or for someone else's. The instructions must be completed before the asteroids hit you! Super fun game of coordination and screaming (multi-player, strategy).
Flappy Bird- Tap on the screen to make the bird fly while trying to move through the pipes without touching them (strategy).
QuizUp- You can challenge random people around the world or your friends to quizzes of a variety of topics, from TV shows, to animals, to world countries, to celebrities. You learn more while you're playing, it's a win-win situation (multi-player, educational).
2048- Combine tiles of the same number and grow your numbers towards the 2048 tile before your board fills up (strategy)!

Last but not least is my "Reference" folder. As what the title suggests, these apps are some kind of reference for me.

iBooks- I have eBooks and PDFs on the app to read whenever I feel like it.
Nike Training- Provides a whole slew of workouts that can be done from home with audio and video fitness trainers, recipes, rewards, and famous athletes who share their personal workouts.
Nike + iPod- This app works with Nike shoes that have the integrated Nike+ software. It helps keep a record of the distance and time of your runs.
P Tracker Lite- An app to keep a record of that time of the month... (the girls know what I'm talking about haha)
Tips- This is one of the new apps that came with the new iOS8 update. It shares tips and tricks of using the iPhone and explains how to use different features of the phone.
Health- This is another new app that came with the update. It can keep a record of your health. Some of the lists can be for your body measurements, fitness, nutrition, sleep, vitals, etc.

...and there you have it! That's my iPhone in all its glory. Do you have any apps that you recommend?

Until next time, Des

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