Autumn Haul

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I've never felt this feeling before, but I'm actually sick of shopping. I did so much shopping over the summer that now I don't even have that temptation of wanting to go to mall and "walk around" (we all know that we don't really mean that haha).

Regardless, I was able to do some back-to-school/fall shopping around town and during my trip to Buffalo, NY with my family back in August. The sales were amazing! Here are some of the things that I got for this quickly approaching season.

Minnetonka Black Fringe Moccasin Booties

The cool, crisp weather that's already upon us calls for warmer shoes, and these booties that I got from Boathouse were a great find! The store was holding a liquidation sale and I got these for only $13! The moccasin trend with the flats and boots has been in style for a while now, and I really like how they are a representation of culture and comfort. Black booties make it easy to match different outfits. The fringe, the threading, and slightly pointed tip of the boot make it stand out among other classic booties on the street. There's also a zipper on the back which so it's easy to slip in and out of your boots.

Maybelline Instant Age-Rewind Eraser (Dark Circles)

I'm down to the very last of my Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer so it was time to stock up on another concealer. This one has been raved by many people so I wanted to give it a go and see for myself how amazing this can be. One of my biggest problems in regards to my undereyes are my dark circles that never go away so I was already drawn to this since it's meant to tackle just those. I've never tried a concealer with a sponge-tip applicator like this so we'll see if I like it!

American Eagle Skinny Jeans

Not just one, but two! I've always been a fan of American Eagle denim. They are affordable. They come in tons of different washes with colours suitable for every season. They fit snug on the legs but not awfully tight. They have some stretch. A thumbs up for the quality. I especially like the darker wash because it makes my legs look slimmer than they really are ;)

Fossil Watch

This was my big purchase of the summer. I bought this from a Fossil outlet store down in Buffalo for the price of $68! Whenever I see people wearing these watches, the words that pop up in my head are "successful", "working", and "mature". Having graduated from university and right now continuing with my post-undergrad education, the watch reminds me that I need to become more mature in all aspects of life. I'm a big girl now! It also prevents me from having to always look at my phone for the time or date and getting distracted by messages since the watch has chronographs to tell me all that.

Gap Utility Jacket

This is a lovely casual, fall jacket. It is indeed great for utility with the hood, the pockets on the front and the side pockets that are subtly hidden behind the bottom front pockets. The gold hardware adds some colour and detail. The cinched waist makes the jacket flattering on the body as it slims the look of the waist. You've probably seen many people who own a jacket very similar to this, but I can say that they're bought with good reason.

What are some of your fall purchases?

Until next time, Des

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