July Favourites

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My birthday month has come and gone by so so fast. I read a quote from somewhere that said "August is the Sunday of summer."... and it's so true. Now that August is upon us it means that July favourites are up!

Hedley- Crazy For You

I featured this song in my Running Playlist post but I deem this my song of the summer! It has such a great beat to bob your head to and a catchy melody. You can easily envision this being played at a party and everyone is dancing to it.

Indigo Mason Jar Mug

I love this for so many reasons. I generally use this at home as a cup for water that I keep in my bedroom and I sometimes bring it out to hold my smoothies, cold drinks, or warm tea as well. I purchased the jar from Indigo but it didn't come with a lid so I found one at home and it fit perfectly. The cute design with the rooster on the front of the cup adds some extra aesthetic detail to the jar and of course the handle is what I value the most on this mug. Glass is always a better alternative than plastic cups/bottles so I don't have to worry about ingesting any weird chemicals into my body. It really is one of my few "hipster-like" items that I own haha. 


Taken from ihcdstore.org

I've already mentioned Pinterest in many of my posts so it has to go into my favourites! If you don't know what Pinterest is, it's a site where you can scroll through different posts or pictures that people "pin" up and you can organize "pins" that you like into your own collections by creating "boards". The site also organizes people's pins into different categories (e.g. gardening, women's fashion, health & fitness) to make it easier for you to find pins of your interests. You can also follow other people's boards or they can follow yours! Above is a snapshot of my profile and the boards that I've created.  I've found a whole variety of great things such as recipes, fashion inspiration, DIY projects, quotes, and beauty tutorials to follow. It truly is easy to cater towards your personal preferences and you're bound to find things that you'll like!


This is an accessory that I've mentioned several times as well. You pick a type of bracelet, you pick the charms you want, you design it. My bracelet above has a significant meaning associated with each charm which makes this bracelet very sentimental to wear. It's one of the pieces I wear daily. Pandora as a brand is amazing, not only do they have their charm bracelet franchise but they also sell beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings, and watches too. 

Tim Horton's Birthday Cake Donut & Timbit

Taken from insidetimmies.com

Taken from housewifeglamour.com

I wanted to go grab this as a snack (it had become a regular routine) and my heart sank when they told me that Tim Horton's won't be producing this anymore *cry*. The Birthday Cake Donut/Timbit was made to celebrate Tim Horton's 50th Anniversary. I would say that this was my favourite donut/timbit flavour (yes, above my usual Honey Dip) but now that they don't make it anymore, it's back to Honey Dip for me. I had to pay some tribute to this incredible donut in my favourites since I did eat quite a few in July...

Nude Ballet Flats

I got these flats from Target, and I'm so glad I purchased them! It's a beautiful nude pink colour which makes it easy to wear in both a casual and formal setting. It has a simple yet classic look. It is very comfortable and the material is very durable. The inner lining and sole of the shoes are soft and plush. Normally flats have a very thin and flat sole but this one has some decent cushioning along the bottom,  I'm not kidding when I say I feel like I'm walking on a cloud in these! 

What are some of your July favourites?

Until next time, Des

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