Eye Post #4: Frames for You, Frames for Me

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nowadays we see so many people with glasses roaming the streets. Sometimes we glance at them and think "Wow, those frames look so good on them!", other times we may think "Oh my, those glasses just don't work on them." It all comes down to which frames look best on your face, and there is some technique in choosing the best look for you! Continue reading if you want to determine which style of frames look best with your face shape. :)

Square Face

A "square" face is characterized by a broad forehead with a strong, horizontal jaw that's very defined. The length and width of the face seems to be almost equal. 

YES: Frames that are more rounded or oval-like will give contrast to your sharp facial features. Frames that are bold, or dark in colour will help divert attention away from the strong facial features as well. 

Example: Jennifer Anniston 
Taken from: dalya77.blogspot.com

NO: Frames that are geometric or square-shaped will hyper-accentuate your facial structure.  

Heart Face

A "heart" face is characterized by broad forehead that extends into a small chin. These people have high, angled cheekbones. 

YES: Frames that are rounded or oval-like can soften the look of sharp, angled cheekbones. Thin and light-coloured  frames will balance the softer look of the narrow chin. Try to find frames that are slightly wider than your forehead. You want to balance widths of your face. 

Example: Jennifer Garner
Taken from site.contactsandspecs.com

NO: Frames that are thick at the top or heavily embellished/designed. You don't want to attract more attention to the top half of the face. 

Oval Face

I'm included in this category. An "oval" face is characterized by a lightly and evenly curved forehead and jaw. Length of face is longer than the width of face. Deep frames are very flattering. This is the most versatile face shape.

YES: Almost any style can work as long as it can give contrast and add a look of additional angles to the facial curves.

Example: Anne Hathaway
Taken from elle.com

NO: Oversized frames that overwhelm your facial features. 

Round Face

A "round" face is characterized by full, plump cheeks, wide forehead, and round chin that is not as defined. Length and width of face is near equal.  

YES: Geometric/rectangular frames can add some angles and definition to your face. Frames that are wider but not as deep are flattering. You don't want frames that are too deep such that it swallows up your face. 

Example: Mila Kunis
"You're absolutely insane," she said bluntly.  He winked at her, placed his hands behind his head, and leaned back in his chair.  "I know that."
Taken from girlswithglasses.tumblr.com

NO: Small, short or round frames will accentuate the curves and roundedness of your face. 

Diamond Face

A "diamond" face is characterized by a narrower forehead, wider cheekbones, and a narrower jawline. Very angular face. 

YES: Oval or rimless frames adds contrast and minimizes additional angular lines of the face. Glasses with strong brow lines can help accentuate other features of the face other than the face shape. A balance between angles and the enhancement of other facial features is what you want.

Example: Rihanna
Taken from handbag.com

NO: Very narrow or thin glasses will hyper-accentuate the diamond shape of your face. You don't want to draw attention to your narrow eye line. 

Oblong Face

An "oblong face" is characterized by very long and narrow facial structure. May have a prominent forehead or prominent chin. Long cheek line. 

YES: Oversized frames with geometric or round lenses will work well with your face. 

Example: Kristen Stewart
Taken from sugarscape.com

NO: Narrow, rectangular frames will make your face look longer than it actually is. 

Glasses are now more than just prescription eyewear to help with vision, but they're becoming more of a stylish accessory. Hope this helps you pick out your future glasses! 

Until next time, Des


  1. I have glasses like Mila Kunis! Good thing I do since I have a roundish face :P
    I just dropped by to say thanks for the Liebster nomination a while ago :) I finally got around to writing my post haha



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