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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Howdy! I have another collaboration for you! I teamed up with one of my best friends Charmaine to create this summer lookbook. We both love a good outfit for warm summer days so we prepared three outfits each, all meant for casual settings.

Charmaine's Outfits.

Oxford: Ralph Lauren Kids
Shorts: Target
Boat shoes: Sperry Topsider
Necklace: The Bay

Five days out of the week, you’ll find me in an oxford shirt. My obsession with these shirts began in high school when I first raided my baby brother’s closet and stole his clothes. The thing about oxfords is that they have that element of clean, sharp lines. They automatically make you look more put together and as if you tried. For someone like me who doesn’t always have time to pick out an outfit, I have accumulated dozens of oxfords in my closet so that I can always grab and go! My favourite oxfords are from the boys section from Ralph Lauren because they have a boxy feel without being overwhelming. I paired this shirt with some lace shorts that I found in the pyjamas section at Target to balance out the masculine top, my trusty Sperry boat shoes and a floral necklace I picked up from The Bay. Perfect for an afternoon running errands, this outfit is casual and effortless!

Top: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Old Navy
Bracelets: Pandora, Tiffany & Co.

As I am now 22 years old, I have started to feel the need to dress more like a mom. This outfit speaks to the moms out there because it is both conservative and classy! To begin, the outfit showcases the colors I love wearing the most: white and blue/navy. To me, these colors are always in season and will never go out of style. If you know me, you’ll start to realize that I am almost always caught in one or both of these colors. In this outfit, I’m wearing a top by Joe Fresh and white jeans from Old Navy. I think the color combination gives off a summery vibe but remains age appropriate. I ended it off with some gold pointed-toe flats from, of course, Old Navy.

Jean jacket: Gap
Dress: Gap Kids
Sandals: Walmart

Once in a while, I like to embrace my girly side. This outfit starts off simple with a striped navy and white shift dress that I purchased from Gap Kids. You might notice a pattern: I like shopping in the children’s sections. After all, I am only 5’2” and clothes fit me better when they are made for kids. During the cooler nights, I add on my standard Gap jean jacket. Guy or girl, I think everyone needs a jean jacket in their wardrobe, it’s a summer staple. Whenever I feel like my outfit is a little bland, I throw on my jean jacket and I feel ten times better. Around my neck, I’m wearing a floral necklace from Forever 21 (I had been eyeing a similar necklace at J.Crew, but this one I bought for under $8) and my white sandals. I would wear this outfit for afternoon tea with the girls!

Desiree's Outfits.

Tank: Jacob
Maxi skirt: Suzuya (Hong Kong)
Gladiator sandals: street vendor in Hong Kong
Bracelets: Pandora, Kate Spade, jewellery store on Main St. Unionville

Warm weather means skirts and dresses can finally come out of the closet and be worn! Maxi skirts have been coming back strong as a staple and trend, and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon as well. I don't own any maxi skirts but to my surprise I found this white one in my mom's closet (which she never wears so now it's mine! Muahahaha). I really like how this particular one has more structure to it because of the material (half linen, half cotton) so it's not as flowy as jersey or cotton skirts. However, any white-coloured clothes can easily get dirty and ruined so I need to be extra careful wearing this. I paired the skirt with a plain black tank to give the classic contrast of black & white and to maintain the simple look. I stacked some silver bracelets since they go nicely with the white of my outfit and added my gladiator sandals to go with that silver theme. A great outfit for shopping or a casual dinner out with friends!

Long sleeve top: Forever 21
Jean shorts: American Eagle
Sandals: Abercrombie & Fitch
Headband: J. Crew
Necklace: RW&Co.

Another must for summer is the incorporation of bright, fun colours into one's outfit, and that's what I wanted to do for this one. Some people say that yellow is a hard colour to wear but I think that this top shows how beautifully it can work in an outfit! This yellow is not too fluorescent and not too bold... I would kinda describe it to be a pastel yellow? The top is very thin so it's still wearable in the summer, especially during cooler summer evenings. To match the yellow in my outfit I chose to wear my A&F sandals. There are subtle stripe details which add something extra to this plain top (I'm pretty much a simple-dressed kind of person :P). I chose to wear my jean shorts with the top and what's cool about them is that it also has a subtle braid detailing down the side! Subtle, hidden details for the win! These shorts are also one of my favourites because it is a good length in between short shorts and midi shorts. To accessorize I wore my pearly headband and my statement pearly necklace. All in all, the matching with the yellow, the pearls in the accessories, and the fine detailing define this outfit.

Jean jacket: Gap
Print top: H&M
Lilac jeans: Gap
Thong sandals: Birkenstock
Ring: Forever 21

A bright coloured top from the previous outfit must follow with a bright coloured bottom in this one! :P This pair of lilac jeans was one of my very first pairs of coloured pants. It is super stretchy (not considered jeggings though) and made of a thinner jean material. Since this is bold colour, I kept the top neutral by pairing it with my grey print top from H&M. I think the print of the beaded necklaces is cute and deceiving at the same time. From afar it looks like I have real necklaces on! With the outstandng print and the bold pants in this outfit, I decided to keep the accessories to a minimum and opted to only wear my double heart ring. The jean jacket is an excellent piece that can add some dimension to an outfit and also to help keep warm when needed. I have flat feet so these Birkenstock sandals are meant to help with my walking. However the straps have a champagne colour that add some muted shine to my outfit. This outfit can be changed for a night out by simply switching the shoes to a pair of heels and the jacket for a blazer! 

What are some of your favourite summer outfits? 
Thanks for reading!

Until next time, Des

P.S. Photocreds to Charmaine for taking the pictures of me

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