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Monday, July 21, 2014

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Charmaine and I had the opportunity to get a fitness consultation with a personal trainer at our gym. It was so worth it! He talked to us about dieting, our body composition, and muscle groups. He also gave us simple gym routines that target specific muscle groups and taught us the proper form/technique for each exercise. I've always done some of these exercises at the gym but little did I know that I was doing them wrong the entire time!

It was a great learning time for us and in this workout series I thought I'd share with you the routines that he prepared for us! This first one is a core workout to target upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, and obliques. Get ready for some sore abs!

Do exercises 1 to 4 one after the other to complete one set. Do 4 sets.

1. Ab Crunch Machine (12 reps)

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Sit in seat with pads in front of chest. Adjust the weights to get some resistance. Crunch forward, hold, and then relax back. 

2. Vertical Leg Lifts (12 reps)

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Push against the back panel. Straighten legs out. Toes point forward. Lift straight legs up, hold, and then lower. 
Can make it easier by doing knee lifts instead. 

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3. Floor Leg Lifts (12 reps)

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Hands behind head. Straight legs. Toe point forward. Lift straight legs up to about 45 degrees, hold, lower but do not touch the floor. Repeat until reps are done.
Can make it easier by placing hands by your butt and slightly under butt. Can make it harder by adding a weight to hold between feet while doing the lifts.

4. Spider Planks (12 reps)

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Get into plank position on elbows. Feet are apart, a bit wider than shoulder width. Bring right knee towards right elbow while keeping straight back parallel to floor and then place foot back. Repeat with left knee to left elbow to complete first rep. 
Can make it easier by doing basic plank and holding for 30 seconds. Can make this harder by adding a plate on your back for more resistance. 

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For the following two exercises, complete all the sets for one before continuing onto the other. 

5. Russian Twists (3 sets, 12 reps) 

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Feet planted on ground, knees pointed up. Sit back to form a V-shape with your legs and upper body. Holding a weight, extend arms straight in front of you, parallel to legs. Without moving legs, bring your extended arms to one side by twisting upper body so that it's parallel to floor, hold, and then twist to the other side and do the same thing. 

6. Bottoms Up (3 sets, 12 reps)

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Lie on your back. Lift legs towards the ceiling so that they're perpendicular to the floor. Lift until your butt is raised off of floor as well, hold, then lower. 

Finish off with 20 minutes of cardio (interesting fact: doing cardio as a burnout after your routine can help you lose double the amount of calories than if you did cardio in the beginning before your routine!).

The personal trainer said that if we're able to do this at least once a week, we'll begin to see results in 3-4 weeks. Have a good workout!

Until next time, Des


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