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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hey there! I started a full-time summer job this week as an administrative assistant for a pharmaceutical consulting company so I've been coming back home dead tired for the past few days...but no fret, I have long lunch breaks so here I was able to start writing this post. :)

Within these past few months I've had so many different occasions and events that required me to give a gift. With all the time that I had (prior to getting this job), I decided to scavenge some DIY gift ideas off Pinterest. I had loads of fun making the four gifts that I'm about to show you. They're all super simple to make using materials that are easily accessible.

Significant Tree and Heart Frame

Yea... the name doesn't sound fancy or exciting (there was no name for the idea and I suck at making names haha). What I like about this DIY was that there are so many different ways to personalize it for whoever the gift is for. I made this for a newlywed couple as a small wedding gift and I personalized it in several ways.

First off, the words printed on the tree are lyrics of the first song to which they listened together. You can change it to whatever text that makes it meaningful to the gift recipient. Second, the letters written on the hearts dangling from the branch are the first letter of their names. You can change it to your name and the recipient's name, or only their initials. It could even be actual words written on them too! Last, I included their names and wedding date onto the inner mat of the picture frame in the bottom left corner.

All you have to do is format the text onto an outline of any tree (found online), print it out, cut it into its shape, cut out hearts and write whatever you want on them, tape some string on the back of the hearts to "hang" them on the tree, and find some coloured paper (you don't have to include it) as the background. Place everything in place within the frame and you're finished! This can be made for a small picture frame, which is what mine was, a simple 4 x 6 photo frame, or scale it up to a larger frame.

Dangling Notes and Picture Frame

...darn it, I butchered another name again, but you get what I mean. :P I made this with a friend and it was gifted to our mutual friend for their birthday. This required slightly more work but still doable by yourself. This DIY gift is great because the recipient can use it however they like, a sign that the gift will be well loved!

We bought a framed mirror from a thrift store and we removed the mirror (new frames tend to be more expensive so try and look for one at flea markets or thrift stores!). There were scratches and marks on the frame so we spray-painted it to cover them up and to make the frame look more aesthetically pleasing with the soft cream colour. We cut craft wire to the appropriate length and hot glued them onto the back of the frame. Friends of the recipient submitted a picture and a personal message that was taped onto the back of each picture. Those were hung with wooden clothespins purchased from a dollar store. This frame could be made to hang notes/pictures vertically (like this one) or horizontally.

Eye Chart Message Frame

These frame DIYs are so versatile, but I promise that the last DIY will not relate to frames! I made this for another wedding that I'll be attending next week. The bride knows my love for the eyes so I played off of that while incorporating some cheesy goodness and love with the hidden message. Can you read what it says? :P

You can personalize it to whatever phrase/message you want. I also added some colour to the black and white by adding the red underline and heart. The names of the couple and their wedding day are also included.

You can choose to use any size frame, although a bigger one for this DIY would look better. I formatted and printed the text from the computer. Make sure your printer has ink and prints with a decent quality setting. You want to make it look as professional as possible! I basically framed the printed text... and that was it! Easy as 1,2,3!

Everlasting Flowers 

Would you believe that this arrangement of roses was actually fake? 'Cause they are! These are
fake flowers that I got from the dollar store! Everything you see in the picture except the water-like substance was from the dollar store: flowers, vase, river rocks. The fluid that looks like water is also fake... it's actually simulated water that hardens. Simulated water can be purchased at your local craft store. I made this for my mom's birthday because she loves flowers and this way she can always wake up to beautiful flowers beside her bed and they'll never die. 

After purchasing all the necessary materials, I cut the stems of the flowers to the appropriate length. I filled the bottom of the vase with pebbles. The simulated water was heated so that it became liquid and I poured it into the vase (pouring it slowly is the key to not getting trapped air bubbles in the fluid that will harden in place). I quickly arranged the flowers in the simulated water before it hardened and this flower arrangement is now complete. :) 

I loved how my mom's flower arrangement turned out so I went out and made another for myself with sunflowers. I still need to finish it with the simulated water to make them look more real but it still looks pretty as it is right now. 

Hope you get inspired to try some of these great DIY gift ideas yourself! Comment below if you have DIYs to recommend me! 

Until next time, Des

P.S. If you couldn't read the message embedded in the eye chart, it actually says "And they lived happily ever after". See if you can catch that now!


  1. omg i love the tree idea ! kind of want to steal it and make my own....

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Yes definitely try making it, it's very easy and meaningful :) I would want to see the finished product!

  2. The frame is so cute! I loved this post. :)

    1. Thank you! Please do try them out! I would love to see your unique creations :)

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